Lace Decreases for Combination Knitters

I’ve been knitting Combination style for years – it’s what I taught myself to do when I wanted to switch from right-handed (English) to left-handed (Continental) knitting. And it’s nice to know that I haven’t been doing anything “wrong” all these years.

Having recently caught the lace bug, I am having difficulty translating paired k2tog and ssk stitches into Combination. Paired decreases at the edges of sleeves and such are easy enough – you do one decrease on the right side of a row and one on the wrong side. But after hunting through books by all the writers who champion Combination Knitting (Annie Modesitt, Pricilla Gibson-Roberts, Anna Zilboorg, Mary Thomas) I have been unable to figure out how to do the paired decreases. Mostly, when I knit lace, I just give up and revert back to regular Western-style Continental, in which purling is such a pain.

I know there must be a simple formula for this. Would anybody be kind enough to reveal it to me?
Thank you.

I’m not a combination knitter…altho, I would like to give it a go! I’ve emailed Annie Modesitt with questions about her patterns before & she’s gotten right back to me…perhaps she can assist you. You can find her blog right here :thumbsup:

I think this is what you’re looking for:

That is perfect– I think it’s exactly what I needed!
Thank you so much. As Grumperina says, people who do combined knitting are supposed to understand the nature of stitches and should be able to figure out these things for themselves. But I have no pride – I’ll happily use the chart!

WOW, thanks for the chart! I’ve bookmarked it for the future, should I ever decide to give combined knitting a go :thumbsup: