Lace chart help

Eek, i just can’t figure this out. Making this hat.

I am making the small size. Row 1 of the chart, I thought was

YO, SSKTBL, k7, k2tog, YO, K1

However that would need a repeat of 12 stitches. which does not work with 96 stitches.

Where I am going wrong?


96/12=8. You work that pattern 8 times around. With YO’s and ths SSKTBL and K2TOG it works out.

Hmmm, 12 [I]does[/I] divide into 96 so it should work perfectly, 8 repeats around.

Duh. And I used a calculator! Wonder what I typed in?

Anyway, it still wasn’t working and so I switched to an easier pattern! It is not easy to knit lace with a toddler around.