KYOK- what the heck! lol

Hello Girls!

I am in desperate need of an answer as to what KYOK means. I have searched everywhere on the internet and it is no where to be found. It is holding up a sweater I am knitting by Debbie Bliss. So if anyone knows anything about it can you let me know.

Thanks ever so much!

Kookykaren:?? :shrug:

Could it mean Knit, Yarn Over, Knit??

That’s what I was going to say as well, knit, yarn over, knit??? I have no idea what else it could mean. Did you try looking in the abbreviation section here or on ravelry? Good luck to you!

Yes, I’ve seen it usually as KOK in Knitter’s magazine. It’s k1, YO, K1 all in the same stitch - a double increase.

I keep seeing the title of this post and think “Nyuck Nyuck Nyuck!”–very Three Stooges! :slight_smile: