Kureyon Log Cabin was WIP now FO

I think it’s a beautiful work of art. The colors are so vibrant.

so did you change yarn on each strip or keep knitting the next :yay: gorgeous

I did change color after every strip. At first I kept to a strict A-B-C…-G order (there were supposed to be 7 colors), but I ran out of some colors at two separate points and wasn’t able to replace them with the same color. Plus, if I had just a little of a certain color, I tried to make one of the smaller squares out of it to minimize joins and not leave behind unusuable scraps of yarn.

Wow!! That is amazing!!! Beautiful colors - great job!

It’s absolutely gorgeous :inlove:

I don’t know what the “supposed to be” look was, but yours is gorgeous! Well done!:cheering:

What a beautiful afghan. :thumbsup:

Totally awesome! I’d love to see what it looks like when it’s vertical. I don’t know how you put that on a bed - really it looks like it should be hanging like a picture. Excellent. I’d love to do something like that, but cats would wreck that! Awesome choice of colors and arrangement- Congratulations!!

Really incredible and beautiful! Lovely colors too. I agree, that’s a wall-piece for sure!

Just bumping so people can see the FO (I added the FO pics in the OP).

Bip, that is one of the most pretty afghans ever! You should be very, very proud and happy. Sure, it may have costed a bit to make it, but I bet it would sell for A LOT more!
:thumbsup: [/CENTER]

What everyone else said, and my undying admiration for your color choices. That is really beautiful!

Wow, this is absolutely gorgeous! :inlove:

:inlove:…beautiful!!! Great job!

That is gorgeous!:cheering:

Just beautiful!!! I love the variations in the individual colors. It makes it glow!

The FO is gorgeous! :inlove:

Lol, as I was boxing it up to send to my mom (hey, I told her it was for her before I realized how gorgeous it was going to turn out!), DH said, “Oh, I coughed and got my cold germs on it so you really shouldn’t give it to her. You don’t want to give her a cold.” Nice try! Mom says we can have it back when she dies. Um, she’s only 53 so it’s gonna be a while! I know she will take excellent care of it though, better than we would (our lives are crazy, and only going to get crazier in a few years when we have kids).

Plus, I thought about my mom the whole time I made it, which was really cool. Now she will think of me whenever she uses it. If I didn’t give it to her, all I would think about every time I used it is how I screwed my mom out of a pretty blanket :roflhard:

oh that is really lovely! I love how you did the colors! It looks like wall art! Gorgeous!

The FO is amazing. What a lucky Mom.