Kureyon Log Cabin was WIP now FO

I’ve been working on this one since just before Christmas and I’m glad to say it is in final assembly. It was supposed to use up a bunch of Kureyon I had left over from a failed sweater, but I think it may have ended up adding to my stash, and unfortunately ended up being quite expensive. I was inspired by the Paintbox Kureyon on Ravelry, though I misunderstood what she had done and instead of keeping one colorway per square, I mixed them. I like her effect better, but oh well!


It is DONE, here’s the FO:

:inlove: love it…that is so pretty and I love the colors! Great job :woohoo:

I’ve never knitted a throw or afghan but I will one of these days. Hope it’s as pretty! :thumbsup:

That is such a beautiful afghan! You’ve done a fabulous job on it. I love all the colours. It is bright and cheerful and you should be very proud of it! Keep up the good work.

That is SOOO Pretty!! I love the colors!! :inlove:

I think it’s fabulous! You did a great job and that’s alotta work! :yay: :yay: :yay:

That is lovely! I love log cabin, great job.

That is absolutely eye poping I love it :inlove:

What a bright and colorful afghan! So much work, you must be proud!

Wow! That is beautiful! Really nice work.

That looks amazing.

:thud:girrrrrrl you need to enter that in a contest. So gorgeous!!!

That is really beautiful-well done!

It is beautiful!!

That is absolutely eye popping I love it

Really, truly, beautiful! I’d hang that on a wall so that I could look at it all the time. Great work!

It is exquisite!! I love all your colors and combinations. Thanks for posting the picture.


I think it’s gorgeous just as it is!! :inlove:

Wow…that’s stunning! :inlove:

Thanks! But I do intend to take those little pieces of paper off (they are the numbers so I would put each square in the right place).

Thanks everyone for all your nice comments :muah:

I want to try:knitting: it. Never made before:wink: