Ktbl of second st ktfl of first st drop both sts at same time

I do not understand how to do the following: Ktbl (knit through back loop) of second stitch (leaving stitch on needle) ktfl (knit through front loop) of first stitch, drop both stitches at same time. I get the ktbl and ktfl but which stitches am I dropping? If I drop the ones I just knitted I get dropped stitches which will leave a hole. This is a Hobby Lobby pattern for a woman’s earwarmer.

Welcome to the forum! Seeing how to do it might help. I don’t know why you would be getting dropped stitches and a hole. You might practice on a swatch before working it on your project.

Do you have a link to your pattern that you could share?

The pattern was a free one from Hobby Lobby that I got in the store. I could type it up for you if you would like to have it, just let me know.

Did the video help? Thanks, but no on the pattern. Patterns are copyrighted and sharing like that isn’t allowed. It’s often helpful to see the pattern that’s being used.

Yes, the video did help. Thank you

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I believe you are misunderstanding what is meant by “dropping the stitch”. In knitting parlance, after you have increased, you will have two stitches just made. Then you are to slip the old mother of those stitches off the needle, as you do normally. When you knit through the back, you DO NOT remove it from the left needle… and when you knit through the front, THEN you slide it off the left needle. That is what they meant by “drop both stitches”. Just an unfortunate use of the term.

That’s why a knitting class is helpful – there are all these words which we use in normal conversation, and yet they mean different things in the knitting world. We do speak a different language, you know!!!

This isn’t an increase, it’s a left twist as demonstrated in the well done video I posted. Even if a class is available it might not cover what’s needed. Some of us simply are unable to take classes in person. We manage just fine. If help is asked for we attempt to provide that help here on Knitting Help.

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Thank you for the response; I believe you are correct and I was dropping the wrong stitches. It seems to be working now. Again thank you.

Hahaha – I read that as “simply unable to take classes in prison.”
Many times, there are more classes IN prison than outside!

I didn’t read that correctly… I see she is working the second stitch
and then the first stitch. i thought she was knitting into the back
and then the front… my mistake!! i did think it odd, because
normally it is written as knit into front and then back… I need
new glasses!!

I am glad I found your site because I am homebound most of the time. I appreciate any and all help you can give me. I tried to start a knitting group in my home with no success. The video was a really big help and the response was so quick. I am going to be knitting my first sweater soon and will probably need help with that.