Kraemer Yarns :-)

Hi! My dear knitting maven friend is opening up a LYS!!! HURRAY!!! Should be in the next month or so, but her rep sent her a humungo sample box of Kraemer Yarn (few nice free patterns too) and I was like, what’s this? A yarn I haven’t heard of?! I LOVE it! They have a 100% wool that is reminscent of Manos del Uruguay and the other handspun/dyed and all kinds of deliciousness. Their alpaca is do die for, they have dye your owns in all weights, all kinds of good stuff…

Anyone know anything about this, used it, comments, feelings? I’m dying to play with it, but it seems pretty low-key still so wanted to see if you guys knew anything.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I felted the hat for my DGM with Mauch Chunky. It was on sale at LYS. It did the job.

omg, i love that hat!!! and your branching out is gorgeous!!!

when you say “did the job” does that mean it is suitable but no more than that? like you didn’t like it in particular or prefer other wools over it?


Thank you.

The yarn is homespun_ish and split_ty. I didn’t look at their other types. But for felting I didn’t care, for the price.