KPK all in next stitch

I have done the basics: scarfs, hats, washclothes. Trying to get more complex! I have searched this site and couldn’t find a video to show me how to KPK all in one stitch. Does anyone know where one is, or can it be explained to me in great detail?!

Thanks :muah:

It’s similar to the kfb increase with one more step. Knit into a stitch, leave it on the needle, purl into the back leg of it, then knit into the front again. If you practice with larger needles you should be able to get it.

I think this technique makes like a little tiny bauble, doesn’t it?

It CAN be the base of a mini-nupp or a bobble, but is just a double increase on its own.

I find it much easier and usually smoother to do [k1, yarnover, k1] in a single stitch to increase the same amount.

For it to be a bobble, you’d then decrease the 3 sts back down to 1 and it doesn’t do that. It’s just a double increase. The k, yo, k may be easier to do as you don’t have to make the purl stitch in the back loop.

Will it make a different look to the pattern if I switch it to k1 yo k1? I just saw another project I really liked but it has the same stitch, KPK all in one.

Cast on about 15 sts with some leftover yarn and try both, see what you think. They’ll look a little different, but I’m not sure it’s enough to matter. Depends on the pattern.