KP Retro Throw

I saw in someone’s siggy that they’d made this, and for the life of me I can’t rememebr who it was! Whoever you are, could you post a pic of it for me?

it is carollovesyarn but her link is to the pattern not her f/o. i would like to see it too…I wonder what it would look like in something other than crayon…i am not a fan of that type of yarn really. :thinking:

I love the way it’s made with the pattern, it just looks so complicated to me :??

another fan of the pattern here and id love to know how the crayon worked out.

Thanks for wondering out loud. You got me off my butt to finally take a pic. :lol:

I have to tell the story first. First, I really wanted to knit a throw for my old chemo doctor’s office. They treat patients there and one gets easily chilled and they have blankets, but they’re not that comfy. Second, I like the way Lion Brand Homespun looks and feels - for what it is it’s pretty soft. Someone here was selling some blue not my first choice in color, but hey the price was right. So I got the purple and gray and dk. gray to with the blue - and I got a really good sale deal at Joanns.

Now I understand why so many hate the Homespun. I finally got used to knitting with it and I REALLY love this pattern. It was fun making up stripes as I went along. First I was using a random stripe generator for kicks, but then I sort of started a theme, which you may be able to tell by the way they’re laid out. It was easy to do, I really liked the fact that you make squares and then assemble. The I-cord edging was supposed to take care of the edge curling, but even though I did it loosely, it still curls. The lattice effect was a nice surprise when it was done.

I used about 8 skeins. I thought it would take more so I have 8 skeins left over. I don’t think I want to make the same thing, so I’m looking for another pattern.

click to enlarge

pre-assembly (sorry for the flash quality) - click for largeness

I love that throw… it is beautiful… what a wonderful gift…

:XX: :heart:

That’s beautiful, Carol! And what a thoughtful gift! :heart:

carol, its beautiful and youre awesome. what a lovely gift for a chemo office, i could sit for hours with that on my lap and be comforted and intrigued at the same time. good work!

also, you’re going the grannie smith? oh man! its such a beautiful cardigan and i cant even imagine using kid silk haze for that! im using KSH for the branching out scarf (first lace project) and it’s making me bonkas!

Carol that throw is absolutely wonderful! I would have a hard time giving that away! But then I’m greeeeedy :fingerwag: well, I’m greedy with beautiful home made blankets. (I do knit for foster children in my area). Was there any specific reason for not using Knit Picks Crayon? Aside from your love of Homespun, I mean. Was it cheaper? I priced the Retro Throw with Knit Picks Crayon and it’s nearly $54. Is Crayon less ‘comfy’?


Carol I love the way you did yours! It reminds me of a granny square throw.

Heh. I think my mom secretly wants it and my grandma keeps asking what I’m going to do with it. Well, I do have 8 more skeins, so I could do another. The LB Homespun on sale was a lot less than the Crayon - I think it ended up costing me $28. And it wasn’t that I love Homespun really - I was just trying to find a reasonably priced yarn to use for charity. I’ve never felt Crayon, so I don’t know about the ‘comfy’ factor.

Thanks for the complements guys!!!

That’s gorgeous Carol! :inlove:

That’s so pretty, I think I might have to make it.

I made a baby blanket with homespun, and while I hated knitting with it, I loved how squishy the blanket came out. So I might have to grab some homespun to make this throw. So pretty.