Kp options

I love my addi turbo needles (size 8 and 17) are the kp options just like them? If not, how are they different?

I think they’re basically the same, just have pointier tips.

The Options needles do have pointer tips that are great. The finish is the same, so they knit just as fast. The cables are more flexible than Addi’s too. I once was soley at Addi girl and once I got my Options in July I haven’t touched a set of Addi’s. They might seem expensive, but around me Addi’s are $15-20 for one circular and the Options set is only $60 - a HUGE savings in my mind.

What Sara said :cheering:

Plus, the Options are interchangeable, even if you don’t have the full set. Much better than a fixed circ.

And they are so pretty. Sometimes I think I just knit with them so I can look at the pretty silver tips and purple cable. :heart: :heart: :heart: