KP Essentials....toooo thin for socks!?!

I’m using some Essentials which I got in a trade, and have started some socks, but it just seems WAAAAAAAAY too thin!

I’m just now starting to wear my first cute socks (below) and it was done with a superwash (Woolywasch) and I’m noticing that on the bottom of the feet the yarn seems to almost be felting…not only is this making me afraid to wear my adorable Rainy Day Socks…but making me think I shouldn’t use the even thinner Essentials yarn on another pair.

Anyone with experience for a yarn neophyte???

Hmmm…I’m using some Essential for my Campanula socks and it seems fine. I’m knitting them on size 1 Addis. I’ve only used superwash for my socks (so far) so I’m not sure about the felting…

I use the essential for a few pairs of my socks. It holds up really well… What size needle are you using?

Edit to add that I use size 1 (2.25mm) or 1.5 (2.5mm) with this yarn. I’m a tight knitter so I get 8-9 sts per inch which is exactly how I like it.

I’m using size 4. The socks are Kaylee from Monkey Toes.

I don’t think I’d LIKE using a size 1 needle though! But do y’all think size 4 is too big???

That may be why…I get 8 to 9 SPI with 1 and 2 and like it that way also.

Well, it says on the label that it takes size 1-3 needles.
I’ve used this yarn with size one needles a couple times now, and I like it. But my gauge is about 9-10 stitches to the inch on size ones, so I must be a tight knitter. I have noticed that the yarn does get fuzzy on the bottom, but I haven’t worried to much about that. It’s the part of the sock that gets the most wear anyway, and I just figured that was part of hand knit socks.
Your socks are very pretty, by the way, as is your little dog!

For socks I find that you want a tighter gauge. If the stitches are too loose, your sock won’t be very durable for one. I suggest you give the smaller needles a try.
I think size 4 is waaay too big. I hope you give it a try. It feels a bit small to begin with, but you’ll get the hang of it and then it will feel “normal” lol.

I just put those kaylee socks on my to knit list as well. Happy Knitting!

Some people prefer thinner socks some like bulky. Regular sock yarn (like essential) is generally made for the smaller needles like 1 or 2. If you prefer using larger needles I’d go with sport or DK weight yarn.

Thanks all! I guess I’ll frog and restart.

I get 8 stitches per inch on 2.00 mm needles and my socks hold up great!

These socks I’m making on size 4s are giving me 7 SPI…do you still think I should re-do in size 1???

I get good results with Essentials on 2.5 mm needles. I knitted one pair on size 2s because I was using a special pattern, but I like the fabric much, much better using the smaller needles. Even those looser socks, though, have worn well. I do think, though, that 4s are probably just too big for this yarn.

I agree siz4 4’s are too big for this yarn. Your socks will wear out fast if they are knit that loose. Socks need to be knit in a firmer fabric than a sweater because of the wear they see, being on your feet. I would recommend no larger than size 2’s for a sock yarn like essential. My socks made from essential were made on size 1’s and I like them very much. They DID felt a litte on the sole, but I figured, that’ll make the sole a little stronger!!!

I personally prefer a tighter sock fabric
and use either #0 or #1 dpns with Essentials depending on the pattern.
So yes, I would start over.