KP CotLin - picutres of swatch

I bought one of every color and swatched them all (stripes) … many washings … no fading, no pills … so soft ! I even dried the swatch in the dryer. This is going to be a great summer (and Florida) yarn! Camera at school … pix coming soon but I didn’t want to forget to post :slight_smile:

Oooh, can’t wait to see!

:cheering: I’ve been wondering… I love to make my little girl little sun dresses and thought this might be a good yarn for some… glad to hear that it washes well…

Good to know! Can’t wait for the pics!

Here are the pictures … I will measure for gauge when I get home this evening… and label the colors :slight_smile: The tan is done with size 7 needles … all other colors size 5.

Very nice. Was there a change in gauge between the time you first knit and after the washing and drying? As for softness, can you compare it to another cotton or cotton blend yarn? I don’t need super soft, but I couldn’t work with anything as stiff as, say, Euroflax Linen.

Did anyone notice the price for free shipping at KP has gone up AGAIN??? Now it’s $45 bucks. :!!!:

That’s fantastic Debbie! Thanks for your work and review. Looks like a new favorite Florida yarn!
I :heart: Knit Picks!

How do I see the pictures? :shrug: Please let me in on the secret–I have no idea how ya’ll are getting the picture.

Ooh, great to know! I was wondering how that yarn would hold up.

Looking good ^^

As for cotton yarns, has anyone tried Cotton-Ease?

Is this still available? I looked at the KP site today and it wasn’t listed - and it’s also not in their new catalog. I’ll be a little bummed if it was a one-time only thing.

I remember reading when they 1st posted it on the site that it was available for a short time. But, a friend of mine at KP also told me that there will be new yarns in the spring, so maybe it was a trial run and it will return :wink:

I guess it’s a cotton and linen blend?

I was wondering I have read on the boards before that cotton is harder to knit with than other fabrics. Is the linen yarn hard to work with too… for a beginner?? :shrug:


I called Knit picks when I first read this thread and they said they took Cotlin off the website cos it was selling too fast and they wanted some left for the people who were ordering by catalogue. You will have to call your order in, it is still available.

Debbie, I see you picked up that Knitty Gritty tip on how to remember which sized needles you used :wink: Me too! :cheering:

Needle sizes… HHHmmmmmmmmmmm??

Yes, 5 yo’s for a size 5 needle, 7 yo’s for a size 7 needle …

I am in Texas for spring break and had not noticed that the CotLin is not on the website … I sure hope it comes back cuz I really want to make a sweater out of it. I can see it becoming a must have in my Florida stash. I also really like Mainline which is a 75 cotton 25 wool blend.

The extra bit of something else … linen or wool … seems to give the cotton that extra something that separates it from dishcloth cotton :slight_smile:

She taught, when making a swatch, to make the little holes, the same # as your needle size so you would remember what size you used just by looking at the swatch. Look at Debbie’s pictures and you’ll see 7 holes where she used #7 and 5 holes where she used #5. Just by knitting or purling 2 together (if I recall correctly), then m1 after it…to make each hole.

I was actually thinking about ordering some of that, now I think I will.