Kool Aid Pedicure Socks

[b][color=indigo]I participated in the Dye-a-long at Get Stitchy! http://forum.getstitchy.com/viewtopic.php?t=42 Here’s pics of the yarn and the subsequent first of a pair of “real” socks I cast on from it. Click on pics to get a larger view[/color]


Great colors - it knits up beautifully!

I love the way your yarn turned out! I love dying with kool aid its so much fun!

Cool colors~!! :cheering:

[color=indigo]Finished the first pedicure sock yesterday and have about two inches done of the second.[/color]

cute! I’ve been wanting to try those pedicure socks…it’s the pattern from knitty.com, right?

OMG those are awesome :cheering: i was doing my nails last week and my feet were freezing while i was waiting for the paint to dry. I should totally make these. great job and nice koolaid dyeing.

WOW!!! gorgeous!!

[color=indigo]Yuppers! I’ve got the heel finished now and am just a couple of hours away from finishing the pair of Pedicure Socks![/color]