Kool Aid dying

I remember seeing that some people don’t have access to all of the KoolAid colors they want. My local cheapo grocery store has KoolAid on sale for .10 per package, and they have:

dark red
Oh, and not that it’d help but they also have invisible color :shrug:

If anyone is looking for KoolAid colors and wants me to pick them up some, and mail it out, let me know.

I don’t need any but you are such a sweet :heart: for thinking of us~


You know it’s funny, my thinking has so changed since being a member of KH. I saw KoolAid, and my first thought was “ohh, I could dye yarn” and the quick second thought was “Oh, I wonder if any KHers need KoolAid”.

Then as I left the store I thought, hunh, I guess I could drink the stuff. :doh:

Makes perfect sense to me~! :cheering: :happydance: :cheering: :happydance: :cheering:

I actually bought the invisible Kool-Aid. :wall:

I didn’t realized it until I got home.

I had a hard time finding blue in my neck of the woods, I ended up having my cousin send me some from California.

I just WONDER~~ could you mix the invisible Koolaid with regular koolaid and get a softer color … or would it make it brigher???

KInda like mixing up easter eggs~!!

time to experiment~!! :rofl:

Invisible colours? :?? What are invisible colours and what are they used for? :thinking:

It’s really nice of you to think for us letah75 :heart: :hug:

It’s just a gimmick, although kids might love it, and if I had kids I’d love to give them colourless food and drink of all types!


While it is tempting to say that one could knit invisible socks, the invisible colors of KoolAid–there are also invisible popsicles and invisible kids liquid medicine now–are great for preventing staining of carpets, furniture, and clothing if you have small children. They are very popular with the mothers-of-toddlers set.

A Grandmother of Toddlers

I’ve drank the stuff before. It’s really weird because it looks like water and tastes like Fruit Punch. It’s just not what you expect it to taste like…

[color=indigo]The invisible KA is great when you need just citric acid. A package of invisible KA and some food coloring will dye very nicely. [/color]

Oh me me me me me me me :happydance: I can’t get blue here. I would luuuuuurve some blue. I will PM you my addy. You are so sweet :muah:

I am in Oregon too Femi! And no blue in my neck of the woods. I wonder if it’s one of those strange law’s that they can’t sell blue KA in Oregon! :??

NOW it makes sense!!!

Ohhhhhh, yes. Two more words: Color Wonder. I love that stuff! :thumbsup:

I remember putting packets of invisible KA in my nalgene while I worked at camp. After three months of nothing but water, you just want to drink something that has a little taste, but you can’t let the campers know, or they’ll ALL want some.

Works decent enough, but it can grow mold in under 24 hours. :doh:

wiltons food color works great too and a very little goes a long way. its very concentrated gel/paste. and it come in blue for those of you who have a hard time finding blue kool-aid.
and you can buy them online, but they can only ship in the usa

Wow, aren’t the invisible ones better for you to drink then? I mean, they don’t contain as much(or even any) of these scary colours :teehee:

Before I came to this forum I didn’t even know these can be used as dyes! :rofl: I nearly fainted when I saw people dying beautiful yarns using these way-too-colourful fruit drinks :thud: Imagine people drinking all these artificial colours… ick! :ick: