Kool Aid Dyeing in the UK

I am kind of new here (usually I lurk) my name is Katrina. I was just going through some of the post on Kool Aid dyeing and thought I would mention that people living in the UK, Europe or the US for that matter might want to try going to http://www.koolaiduk.com to purchase packets. I have not used there web site (KoolAid UK) personally, but it looks like a viable option for those having difficulty getting there hands on Kool Aid or Flavor Aid packets (they even sell something called Aguas Frescas [a Kool Aid geared towards Latinos]). I found there web site address in a the British magazine "Knitting."
Thanks for reading my message and I hope I was able to help someone.

You can also order koolade from amazon.com/grocery. My husband found that out for me after I was complaining about the lack of koolade colors in the grocery store.

I actually just purchased a bunch from amazon.com. Since I wasn’t able to locate any other flavors than the normal ones. I ordered 90 packets total of about 10 flavors. It came quickly, but I am in the US.