Koigu Yarns--socks?

I have several hanks of Koigu…i think most of it is KPM but some is also Kersti i believe. Has anybody knitted socks out of this yarn? I fear i may not have enough and i would hate to start a pair and then find i don’t have enough. (i do have two hanks of each)

i have some KPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPM (or whatever). I did not buy it for socks.

According to two patterns on patternworks.com you’d need 3 skeins to make a pair of socks… that seems like a lot…

hrmm…well what i have in my bag there says it is about 175 yards a hank…i have no idea how much yarn it takes to make socks for big footed gals such as myself. as much as i love this stuff, not sure i want to try to find a match for all of the yarn i have in order to make socks! :shock:

umm…i didn’t buy it to make socks either…i bought it cuz it was perdy and on sale! :rofling:

For the Koigu KPPPPPPPPPPPPPPM :roflhard: you need 1 skein per foot. I’m knitting a pair of socks with it and like it so far. The colorways are lots of fun.

Interestingly, I also have a pattern for a baby sweater made from Koigu yarn, and it’s just so much fun!!!




I’ve never made them out of Koigu (in fact, I have never owned Koigu. Remind me to make a note to my husband :wink: ), but they don’t take very much yarn. I am a size 9 and can ALMOST get a whole pair out of 1 ball of Cascade Fixation. ALMOST.

Brenda, it doesn’t look like anyone’s answered your question yet so I thought I’d check in with the following…

Sally Melville’s Purl Stitch book sock pattern calls for 350 yards for the main color. It also has directions for other color heel and toes requiring 85 yards so I’m not sure if you’d need 435 yards if you don’t use contrasting color for heels and toes. To be on the safe side I’d want to have 435 yards of whatever yarn I was using. She uses Koigu KPPPM in her pictured sock-in-progress.

I hope this helps and lucky you having all that Koigu! I’m trying to find some for my next (second) pair of socks that will go with jeans. I can’t really tell from the skein whether it will or not. I think I’ve narrowed it down to 419 (which I found knitted up on the Internet) and 428 which I was unable to find knit up. Do you have any 428? Would it be subdued and still go with jeans? The 419 is a little bright for my tastes.

i was all excited when i saw this post thinking someone had made some! and then i realized it was my own post bumped! :rofling:

i gotta tell you…there is almost no room for subdued colors in my house. I think the koigu that i have is all in the orange, fuscia, and lime green families! i did have SOME purple but i made a magic scarf out of that! :wink:

i was in the LYS the other day and nearly grabbed an additional skein of a couple of the colors but decided to wait until i was actually ready to make some and then go from there.

my 2nd favorite LYS has TONS of Koigu and it calls to me everytime i go there!

thank you so much for your information…i really appreciate it!

I’ve seen a bunch of people in “blogland” who have used koigu for socks. Seems to be pretty popular for that purpose.