Knuckle aches

Just wondering if anyone who does Continental Knitting has knuckle aches in their right hand after about an hour of knitting? I wonder why I have this problem and hope I may get some help on how to soothe the pain. I don’t think I hold the needle too tightly.

Hi Angela,

Sorry to hear that…I don’t do Continental Knitting but even with English throwing, certain fingers would hurt until I figured out how to hold the yarn better and changed to circular needles. Now I don’t have any aches and can knit for longer…of course my hands do get “tired” after a few hours but they aren’t aching. I guess I can only say to look at how you’re holding the needle and are you using circulars? A change in needle can change things too. Not necessarily to circulars but whatever feels best for you. I’m a relatively new knitter (about a year) so I had to experiment a bit to find what was right for me.

Sorry I can’t help more.


I knit continental, but don’t have a problem with my right hand. My left hand kills me, but it has gotten better using light circular needles.

Sorry you hand hurts. :frowning:

It’s gotten better since I take more breaks, but yes I do use circular knitting needles sometimes and that’s when I noticed the pain. I was working on a BIG thing tho, maybe thats why? I also get shoulder pains but I think that might just be knots acting up

Thanks for the input!

Oh, one other thing I may suggest is that you make sure you are seated comfortably too while knitting and move when feeling stiff. Another trick I use is to have a pillow under my arms to rest my elbows on…that seems to provide a wee bit of support for me too. I remember talking about this topic in another forum and we ended up getting into ergonomics of knitting… :shock: It’s a funny thing to talk about but surprisingly appropriate as you are sitting doing repetitive motions so it would apply.