Know of any mary jane booties patterns

my sister in law is having a baby girl. anyone care to share some booties patterns? I was interested on some kind of mary janes, whether it be crochet or knit… I would greatly appreciate the help.

These are my favorites and they knit up sooo cute! I just made my first pair for my new granddaughter and she wore them the other day (they live in CA, so it’s warm out there!)…go to:

the booties are on the left handside.


You can make the saartje booties into regular mary janes too…just knit one long strap instead of two short ones. :thumbsup:

Here’s a few more.

The Saartje bootees that Jen gave you a link for are adorable. This is a direct link -

These are also cute -

another vote for Saartjes! :heart: :cheering: