Knotting up cut yarn?

I noticed in some yarns there are knots and they just knot up the ends (is this a sign of cheap yarn?). I recently frogged a scarf I made because I decided I didnt like the colours I used, I was wondering if I could just knot the yarn back up together? (it’s only 2 or 3 pieces that will need to be done) and if I do, is it a specific type of knot?

No, expensive yarns have knots too. It’s just a manufacturing process where they run out of yarn mid skein and tie in another strand. You can knot it , or depending on the fiber content, you can try other ways of joining the ends. I believe you can find some other methods on the Tips page.

KNOTS REALLY FRUSTRATE ME!!! Especially in expensive yarn.

I started SYLVI (see KAL) this weekend, got almost to the end of the first cuff and WHAM, there was a knot:waah: :waah:

Since the cuff is not a place I want a join I frogged the whole thing.

I just tie a knot on the ends of two strands and continue along. Other suggestions would be to leave a longer tail and weave it in…guess it depends on what you’re making and where the “knot” will be in the final product.

ahh, thank you all for your responses :muah:

I don’t like to knot my yarn when I’m knitting. I used to, but it just always seems to poke through to the other side. I just cut the knot out and treat it like I was attaching a new ball of yarn.

Not only does it not seem to matter whether the yarn is expensive or not (I’ve found knots in expensive skeins and no knots in cheap skeins), it seems like there are sometimes multiple knots in one skein of yarn and none in the next skein of the same yarn. However, if you are finding a LOT of knots in the same skein, I’d contact the manufacturer or take it back to the store and ask for a replacement.

I finally had to attach a new ball in my project. I was dubious at the claim that you can just hold the strands together for a few stitches, but darn if it didn’t work perfectly - you can’t see the doubled stitches, can hardly feel them, and it’s woven in solid.

I have some VERY expensive hand-painted yarn I just received, and there’s a number of knots in at least one of the skeins. I’m going to look at all of them when I get up the courage to play with it (I’m WAY to0 inexperienced to do it now) and see if it’s going to drive me crazy or not.

Trish-I think the only time it really shows is if you are using really bulky yarns…