Knitty surprises

Maybe by using the T word, it diminishes the importance of the body part in question.

Wow… i love that Yorick pattern!!! I MUST make it!! It will appease my little ex-gothy heart and add to my professorial eccentricities (which all profs need!) Fabulous!

I love the pumpkins too… very cute…

I was thinking about making the boobs and the womb (in the archives) for my BIL’s practice. He’s an OB/GYN - might be funny in the front office (and hopefully not offensive… maybe just the womb).

But i agree with you, Kelly - a.) the men here are super-evolved and near perfect :thumbsup: and b.) the story behind the bresticles was a bit disturbing. If she was “unbalanced” due to missing one hand or arm, would he have told her not to go??? :rollseyes:


FWIW, I didn’t get the impression that he told her not to go, she just said he “nixed the idea” of her going looking “unbalanced.” I didn’t even give it a second thought when I read it initially…I guess I just unconciously reasoned that he did so lovingly, or she probably wouldn’t be sharing it with the world.

And as for the T-word…LOL, maybe it’s a cultural thing? You just never know what’s gonna offend, or what seems totally normal in some areas/cirles. Heck, my MIL is totally offended by the word “pee.” :roflhard:

Pee? LOL! :roflhard: :rofling:

Julie…you are the QUEEN of Diplomacy and the Benefit of the Doubt. :notworthy:

[size=2](What word does your MIL prefer instead???)[/size]

Heelllooo…try potty training without the use of the word “pee.” I think her preferred term for the girls is “wet on the potty.” Bu tall in all pretty confusing 'cause everyone else on the planet (except Mr. Rogers, who says “urinate”) says PEE :wink:

The “unbalanced” disturbed me too. So women with only one boob are not balanced eh? Balanced for whom? Hm? Are boobs there for the pleasure of someone else’s gaze or are they for hmm I don’t know, BABIES??? Whatever. What I was really freaked out about was this:

A Cautionary Note: If you have made a truly original tit bit, and want to show it to others, please do so in the privacy of your own home. I have a friend who used to take her out in public all the time. “See my tittie? See? See?” Then she met a cop at her LYS who informed her that what she was doing was technically considered “flashing” and therefore against the law.

What is WRONG with people!!! Why are boobs so threatening to peole!?!?!?!

Well at least the pumpkins were cute. :rollseyes:

[size=2](I was wondering when Femmy was gonna see that…) :shifty:[/size]

When ever you need a feminist in the house you know I’ll be there. I’m a professional feminist ya know. :happydance:

I think that’s just insensitive. Im sure he meant it as a joke, but if I was already feeling selfconscious about something like that, it wouldnt have felt very funny. Im not easily offended, either, but that did it for me.[/quote]

Kelly, from reading her story, it sounds like she is very healthy in her approach to losing her breast. I have several friends that have lost breasts due to cancer and they have taken their losses with a great serving of humor. I sent them the link to ask them what color they wanted their breasts and they were all :roflhard: about the whole thing. They love her humor. I’m sure in the designer’s relationship with her dh that they have a sort of banter that is not offensive to her. Otherwise I doubt she would have written about it so jovially.

omg…how can tht be “flashing”…i dont get it. lol. It’s not a REAL breasticle. :rollseyes: Afterall, I saw a tattoo show where women tattooed their chests as a work of art after losing their breasts…they should it on television - no blur!


I have not heard this word since highschool…

LOL Everything was "icle"ised then!!

thanks for giving me a giggle :smiley:

On a side note, why is it they can show mens bottoms in FULL view on television, but they can’t show all of a woman’s breast when they demo a self-breast exam on a talk show???
And the langauge you hear on TV now…most of the words I can’t even say on this forum, but they cant show a breast. Ridiculous!!!