Knitty surprises

Knitty surprises are up–and they’re spectacular. :roflhard: (You’ll get it when you see one of them!)

Kewl! I aim to make a pair for my mom, just 'cuz she needs a little extra assistance… and made with glittery yarn would be right up her alley!
I saw a similar patter for a chenille boob from Crystal Palace.

I was JUST WISHING that the pattern for Tit Bits was up on the web!!! :inlove:

I am HORRIFIED by her story, though!! :shock: Her HUSBAND didnt want her to go to a party because she was UNBALANCED!!! I thought that part was VERY sad…

He meant like she’s nutters, dear. See how it says “Unbalanced” and then she says something like “In a good way” ? And then he says just because she is unbalanced, doesn’t mean she has to look it? See how it’s like a play on words?

umm what?

is confused! :thinking:

There’s a pattern for prosthetic breasts.

I really want to make those pumpkins. I have some orange wool that is just screaming pumpkin. :sunny:

Thanks for letting us know. The knitted boobs are a RIOT…I’m very tempted to KIP one…imagine the looks on peoples faces when I tell them what Im making! :roflhard:

That Yorick has KOME written all over it… :wink:

I think that’s just insensitive. Im sure he meant it as a joke, but if I was already feeling selfconscious about something like that, it wouldnt have felt very funny. Im not easily offended, either, but that did it for me.

Kelly I thought the same thing but people react differently to different comments. Maybe she is just comfortable with the way that her husband sees her that his comment did not bother her. I am sure that if someone else were say that it would hurt her.

You are so sweet! :heart: YA!

I wasnt bothered by it, but who knows what their relationship is like…if it’s anything like what I have with my boyfriend, I wouldn’t be bothered at all.

I really need some brown wool now… dangit. and a picture so I know what to carve on my real pumpkin :slight_smile:

I wasn’t so pleased with it either…and the T word she used over and over. Boobs is one thing…but sheesh! KK, come in the chat room!

Oh, I know…I mean, SHE told the story! But, the first thing that popped into my head was “AND THAT WAS OKAY WITH YOU?!?!?!” I would’ve had to smack him. :shifty:

:roflhard: Oh rest assured I would have slapped my hubby had he said something like that as well. Men :rollseyes: :roflhard:

Generalizations. :rollseyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

hmmm… k… Men who aren’t on this web site.

:angelgrin: :roflhard:

:rofling: Better, but there’s still room for improvement. :wink:

OH! ABSOLUTELY! That’s a GIVEN! The Men on THIS website are all SUPER-EVOLVED, sensitive and PERFECT in every way!! :mrgreen: