Knitty 'Satchel' pattern seem impossible

I am very much :?? right now.

I decided that I needed to use up some wool so wanted to make Satchel from knitty.

I am making the smaller version with a cast on of 38 sts to start.

So I did that part, and did the 7 rows stockinette part, but it’s the picking up stitches that has me wondering HOW this is ever going to work.

You are supposed to pick up 6sts along side edge, 38 sts along cast on edge, and 6 sts up other edge. This is a mighty long, narrow bit to be picking up from and knitting in the round. It is impossible to knit that way. Really. I just don’t get it.

I’ll probably modify the pattern to suit myself anyways, as I always do, but I just don’t get how these pass as do-able instructions.

it was either that one or another pattern that i came across and started that i found to be exactly the same problem. i could get the stitches all picked up in the end but couldn’t knit from it because my circs were basically bent in half with no room in between to move the needles. i frogged and went with a different pattern in the end because i couldn’t get more than 10 stitches knitted without giving up in frustration.

What pattern did you do in the end? I’m in the mood for felting! :smiley:

hrmmmm i think it was a magknits pattern that i ended up having to modify anyway because i wasn’t being good and following directions…lol.

Hmm, I remember making a bag like that, which required me to pick stitches up along the buttom…searches…ah, but it was made in cotton.
With wool it might be a bit harder.
looks at pattern Hmm, that photo of the unfelted bag, aren’t the stitches too tight for felting anyway? Well, you could always knit the bag and then sew it together before felting.

What if you picked up half the stitches with another circ? You could use the two circ method until the stitches loosened up a bit. Maybe?

I know what you mean exactly.
Here’s what I’ve done in that case:
First of all, use a short circ, like 16 inches.
Most important, when you are first picking up the stitches on those other three sides of the base, don’t use the other end of the circ you’re knitting the new stitches onto (the one you will knit the whole thing with). For this one step, use a spare needle to pick up the new stitches and knit them onto your circ one at a time. Let the other end of the circ just dangle there. Once you get them all picked up, the first few rounds will feel a little weird, but after that it will be smooth sailing. Try it, you’ll see!