Knitty Gritty- Cami

I absolutely LOVE the cami they did on Knitty gritty today. I booked marked it with hopes that one day I could do it! It’s so pretty. I’d even wear it with a pair of jeans or something. Did anyone else see it today?,2025,DIY_14141_4206647,00.html


That’s really nice, and I would actually make that! What weight is that cotton? I’m nearly positive that Ram’s doesn’t carry it.

I don’t know. I’ve been trying to figure it out! If you find out, let me know :stuck_out_tongue:


:smiley: I love it, too! I love ALL of her things…phenomenal!!!

According tio my chart here, a US 5 is 5.5 mm. I would normally use that for a chunky weight {1 size bigger than worsted}, but since it’s lace, I would guesstimate that the yarn is probably a DK or a WW. ANyone around here know for sure?

Hmm maybe this will help! This is from

(5.25 - 6 sts / 1")

Worsted/Hvy. Worsted
(4 - 5 sts / 1")

I guess it would depend on how you loose or tight you knitted? Hmmm. I’ve not very good at figuring out weight yet, sorry!


Check out maybe that will help.

It didn’t, I tried… But thank you!


I’ve seen it before (White Lies has some breathtaking designs), but for me to wear it out, I’d have to close the front somehow. LOL. I wouldn’t want to flash anyone with my belly!


US6 needles are 4mm - the gauge given is 5 sts per inch on US6, which is dk weight. For example:


Thanks a lot, Danielle–now here’s yet another project I’ll want to make! :lol: This is just ADORABLE!!! It’s sexy, but not distasteful. :inlove: Even a “figure-challenged” gal like me could prance around in this and feel pretty! Hmmm…I thought I’d try to make the chemise at knitty and now I’m not sure which one to do…why not both??? :rofling: