Stitch Library-Post your favorite stitches!

OK, I have been getting really frustrated with the online stitch libraries that are out there… they’re pretty limited and there are a lot of repeats. So what I was thinking is that we could make our own stitch library.

If you don’t have a link to the stitch pattern you like, just post the pattern itself here* (pictures would be awesome, as well). Please try to make sure that the stitch pattern or link that you’ve posted is not already up.

This is the resource that I use most often. It has a lot of nice patterns, and very clear and easy to follow directions.

[size=2]* please remember if the stitch pattern is not your own design to respect all copyright laws and etc.[/size] :slight_smile:

I tend to use this dishcloth pattern website as a bit of a stitch library…most (dare I say ALL?) of the patterns will tell you the multiples of sts to cast on in addition to how many are required for a dishcloth.

I’m not sure if you had this in mind, but I did run across a stitch pattern that I really like called Sand Stitch.

Here’s a cloth I knit with that pattern:

The pattern for this stitch is here.

Kelly – I like that site, too. I can always find something fun & quick to knit out there when my interminably long projects require me to take a break and actually finish something!!!

I LURVE fan and feather. Here is a shawl link with it

and here’s just a washcloth:

Kelly - that dishcloth site is wonderful! It’ll keep me busy for a while :wink:
Femmy, the feathers and fan are soo pretty - would make a great scarf :thinking:
I like that sand stitch too - that’s one I’ve never heard of…
Any more??