Knitting with Yak

I would like to make a hat using 50% yak and 50% merino. It will be in chunky weight. I have never worked with this combination of fibers before and wondered what it is like. Any tips?

Has anyone worked with buffalo, camel, or qiviut?

Thanks for your help.

I would love to use any of them but never have. Please tell us how you like the yak!

the closest I’ve beenis petting the yarn. I imagine it will be a dream to work with.

I have made a small item with baby camel and loved it. I have never worked with yak, now you have me thinking:think: :think: :think: maybe I will try that combo. I am always looking at new fibers to work, I love all the wonderful combinations.

I made a sweater and pair of socks using 50% camel and 50% lambs wool. It is incredibly soft. It also doesn’t have as much elasticity as wool or mostly wool blends. This yarn I used would not work as well for hats or anything you want to use ribbing to keep in place. My socks don’t stay up as well as wool socks, but do make my feet happy.

How much fun is it to tell folks what your scarf is made of?