Knitting with two strands

Hi everyone

I would like to knit with 2 strands but I am not sure to which size needle to go to. The yarn I have calls for size 3 needles, 25 sts. = 4"
Thanks in advance, Maria

Go with the needle size the pattern calls for. Or I suppose more correctly…the one that gives you the correct gauge…

and this is a very good tutorial for the two handed technique if you are interested…

It would help if we knew what you’re making and a if you have link that would be great. It helps us answer you better.

So are you knitting fair isle or are just going to knit with two strands held together? If its the latter and the pattern doesn’t call for two strands and you use the same size needle the fabric may be pretty stiff. It also affects the outcome of the project.

And thank you. I wanted to knit this sweater:

but since my yarn is too “thin” , I thought I would just double it up. But not sure what size needles to use. Maria

Wow. This is a great tutorial. And I will definitely will try it next time I do fair isle. Thanks again. Maria

Look at the metric size of the needle given on the label for the thin yarn. Double it and that’s what you would use for the doubled yarn.

Thank you!!!

whoops…boy did I have that one wrong…blushes

If you plan on knitting with two strands then knit a gauge swatch. I am finishing up a hoody which is being two stranded. I took the advice of our knitting group at the LYS and did a gauge swatch. All members said I would need to go up a needle size and I did. The yarn my son chose was thinner than the pattern called for. The hoody is right on gauge for the pattern but up a needle size.