Knitting With Two Strands of Yarn

Hello Everyone,
I have a pattern to knit a pair of slippers that calls for knitting with two strands of yarn. What is the best way to do this? Do I knit from both ends of the same skein? I’ve never tried this before and am not sure the best way so that the yarn doesn’t get all twisted.
I would appreciate any help you can give me.
Thank you!

You can with with both ends of the skein or you can knit with two skeins. I prefer two skeins myself because I found the yarns get tangled less. They still twist together, but you can learn to minimize this by the way you turn your work.

[COLOR=royalblue]Thank you Jan. Do you make sure the yarn is not twisted as you’re placing stitches on the needles or do you just not worry about it? I just am worried about the slippers looking “messy”. [/COLOR]
[COLOR=royalblue]Also, you mentioned about the way you turn your work ~ could you elaborate on that please? Thank you![/COLOR]

They’re going to twist around each other on the needles in the individual stitches, so don’t worry about that. It won’t look like it when you’re done, especially if these are to be felted.

The loose yarn coming from the skein/ball will tangle and twist somewhat too, but you can minimize that by putting them in separate bags or bowls. If you’re using just one skein, you can let the work dangle and untwist every once in a while if it drives you crazy. If you always turn your work the same direction at the end of every row, it’s going to make the twist worse, so if you alternate the directions that can help.

I’ve worked from both ends of the same ball and from two different balls, and noticed that using two usually results in LESS twisting together, but it won’t eliminate it altogether.

Normally I’ll work from both ends unless I know before I start that I’m going to use multiple balls. I’m not a fan of joins (actually it’s weaving in ends I’m not a fan of) so I try to avoid having a bunch of partial balls lying around. If it’s only going to take a single ball, I just use both ends. That way I have one big ball rather than two little ones when I’m done. (Oh stop it, GG!)

As for how to avoid it, you’ll never eliminate it completely. But if you notice that one particular movement is producing more twisting than the others, you might be able to compensate as you go. And depending on the yarn you’re using and the pattern you’re making, it may not matter if it twists together or not.

Good luck!

:cheering: [COLOR=royalblue] Thank you ~ I am using Red Heart “Fiesta” yarn and they are not going to be felted ~ it’s the Bernat Super Value Men’s & Ladie’s Slippers pattern in the “Harvest” color ~ but hopefully they will look nice when they’re finished. They are going to be a gift for my SIL’s father who asked if I would knit him a pair of slippers to replace a pair that he’s had for a LONG time and have big holes in them! I just hope he’ll like them! Crossed Fingers [/COLOR]

When you turn your work just don’t always turn the same direction. At least that’s what I remember. You can usually tell when turn if its going to twist. If it gets twisted I hold the two skeins up and key the work untwist.

If you are knitting with both ends of the yarn on one skein you can hold it up like Sue said as long as the ball isn’t too loose. Once it becomes loose from use it can be harder at least in my experience.

One other thing I forgot, by using 2 strands you make the EASIEST increase in the WORLD available. Just knit each strand as a separate stitch and you get the same increase ratio as a kfb (2:1) and the increase is virtually invisible. You can see where it IS, but you can’t see IT. And there’s no complicated fidgey-widgieness to it. There may be a real official name for it, but I don’t know wha tit is… I just call it “kss” for "knit strands separately.

Also thought of something else… Make you are knitting both yarns so it’s double. If you accidentally knit each strand separately you’ll do unintended increases. :doh:

[I]union tended increases[/I]


Yep! :lol: I fixed it.

I thought so. Luckily wasn’t something we could expect to see here.

I do like [I]union tended increases[/I]. LOL

Hahahahaha! :roflhard: I’ve made some good ones, but fortunately they were just with my daughters. The most common ones I make (and usually fix) are with the bottom row of the keyboard. I’m typing with two fingers and apparently don’t hit the bottom row hard enough.

So does that increase have a real official name? I do that on purpose when I need to increase in a project that’s knit with 2 strands. It’s easy, quick and best of all, invisible. But yeah, if you did it by accident, you’d NEVER figure out where that extra stitch came from.

Another gotcha is not getting both strands around the needle. It’s easy to do, and you may not notice it until you get back to the same place on the next row/round. It won’t actually HURT anything, but you might find a loose strand in the work that you can’t tell where it’s supposed to go. If it’s on the inside/WS, it’s no big deal, and it may not show even on the RS, but it’s not something you’d actually WANT.

I hope you like the pattern!
I did a stitch-by-stitch video tutorial for it here:
Shandeh’s Real Time Slipper Video Tutorial