Knitting with two colors

Hi everyone…I am what I’d like to think as an average knitter but there are many things I just don’t know how to do. There is a baby blanket I am trying to make that will adventually have a yellow background with pink hearts randomly knitted…but in my notes that I’ve recieved as a pattern, the part about how to make the hearts different color were left out. Can anyone help me out??
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The hearts can be knitted in, but you’d need a chart for that. Did the pattern at least have a chart??

Otherwise, I think you could place the hearts via duplicate stitching after the blanket is already made.

What pattern are you using?? Is it online for viewing??

Well, this is a pattern that was written out for me a couple years ago when I started knitting. It was one that my friend had given me but I have no idea where she got it from. I’ve seen her version of the blanket and I don’t know how she did it. I’m pretty sure there was no chart otherwise you’d think she wuold have given it to me eh? Hmm is there no other way to do it? :??

What’s duplicate stitching? I’m making a baby blanket right now and it’s pretty plain…seed stitch. I was wondering if I could add some type of emblishment or monogram in one of the cornors. Would ‘duplicate stitching’ be something I could use?


Knitting them in and duplicate stitching are the only two ways I know. Here’s and example of what I mean by knitting the hearts into the blanket. For more definition, you could change the color of the knit stitches to make the hearts pop out more. You could also just do the color changes in stockinette if you don’t want to bother with texture. (I put together a 9sts color chart below to give you an idea of what I mean. Sorry, it’s VERY basic; I’m not an experienced “charter”. The one on the left is just an outlined heart. The wrong side of your work will be “stringy” if you choose this way. The right one is easier, I think. Depending on how many hearts you have across the row; you might find it easier to use yarn bobbins). I think the stockinette is less hassle than duplicate stitching. Check out Amy’s Videos to see how to physically change the colors. Click here and scroll down to “How to Knit with 2 Colors at a time”.

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Here’s an explanation of duplicate stitch. I’m not sure if you could do that with seed st b/c I’ve never tried it. Perhaps you can volunteer as a tester?? If it doesn’t work, you can alway just take it out. :thumbsup:

Hope this helps a little :??

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You can also use intarsia. For two color knitting with areas of color that span more than 5 stitches at a time, this is most often the method used. Be aware that with this method, wherever you have a new color section, you need a new strand of yarn. If you have a ton of hearts, it can get tricky just because the yarn strands love to all get tangled. Check out the video in the advanced techniques section.

Good luck on your project!