Knitting with straights, for felting

Here I am again, asking questions about felting.

I am about to knit a bag with wool yarn for felting. I have to knit it on straights and asked here previously about st st vs garter st. I will most probably knit it in garter.

My question:
I want the bag to have a bottom (flat bottom, not a continuing of the sides) as well as sides. How do I do that? Shall I knit to the length of one side, and then increase on each side so that when it comes to finishing, I’ll have a boxy bag? Or shall I just knit a long rectangle and fold it in half and seam it, and then shape it after felting, on an appropriately sized box?

I’ve put in a diagram to show what I mean. Is this how I should knit it in order to have a boxy bag?

If you really want to knit with straights, you could knit a rectangle for the bottom, then pick up stitches on each edge, one edge at a time for the sides. You could make one extra long for the back so it can fold over the front of the bag. You’d have to seam the, of course, but it will hold the shape better than a bag that was just folded and blocked.

Why no circs? They do make this kind of project much easier.

Well, the only circulars I have are 3.25 mm and 3.75 mm, and the minimum recommended needles for this yarn (Debbie Bliss Maya) is 5.5 mm and I hear you need to knit loose for felting. So straights unfortunately. :frowning: If I had the circulars, there are lots of delicious patterns out there :XX:

Thanks for your reply, I’ll explore the option, but you see, I only have these precious two skeins, and cutting really kills me :rollseyes: . So I thought knitting in one piece would be simplest.

I’m sure you could find a circ for a decent price, it seems knitting that way would be much easier than having to seam anything.[color=darkred][/color][color=darkred][/color][color=darkred][/color]

Well, no, they are not sold in my country for love or money. The ones that are sold are very reasonable, but you can only get the smaller sizes and in only one length. In the places I’ve been to, at any rate :thinking:
But I am fervently and feverishly trying to convince a friend to buy the Denise set for me in the US since she offered to bring me something :smiley: I’m already halfway to killing my conscience over the expense. I need them :roflhard: It’s only about a third of my monthly income :XX: