Knitting with real pearls

Has anybody knitted with real pearls before? I know this sounds kind of frivolous, but it isn’t really…Blue Moon Beads sells small freshwater strands for just a few dollars, and I thought that maybe attaching a few of these to a very special project would be a very luxurious addition and a real treat. My question isn’t so much about the technique of adding beads/pearls to the knitted garment because I know how to do that; it has more to do with the care of the garment. Is this something I would never be able to wash–even handwash–if I used real pearls?

You would probably be able to wash it (well, soak it, really) in lukewarm water with a teeny touch of the gentlest soap.

Love to see what you make if you use the pearls!

:smiley: That sounds very lovely! I love, love pearls, as does my daughter. Please let me know how it goes, I may have to do something for her with pearls. Perhaps a cashmere scarf with pearls…yummy :smiley: