Knitting with pencils

Here’s a great video I wanted to share about knitting with pencils. This is a great idea for teens, especially at slumber parties.

I know someone who knit with sharp pencils on a plane! They don’t seem to confiscate those. She’s also put a crochet hook or needles in a pencil case. :teehee:

I learned to knit and sharpenend my brother’s tinkertoy sticks in the pencil sharpener for needles. They were about size 8 or so, penciles would be about 10 or 10½s. You can also use chopsticks.

My mother taught my brother, sister and myself to knit with toffee apple sticks and string. We were so proud of ourselves.

I like the idea of pencils on the plane.


That IS a good idea!

My boss (Night Manager) taught me to knit with pencils late one night when the cafeteria was slow! :knitting: