Knitting with many colors

I am knitting a sweater with 5 colors. the colors change every 8 stitches and then repeat themselves using last color to first. i have taken small balls of each color, labeled them and put them in small plastic bags with the thread coming out of the end of each bag. i have 9 bags in total. how do i prevent these colors from (bags) from tangeling. is there an easy way to work with all these colors. help deb

You might want to consider using long strands instead of little balls. The yarn invariably twists around each other, but untangling long strands by pulling them out one at a time is easier. You can use bobbins, or roll your yarn into small pull-out skeins so that they hang on the back of your work. This way you can untwist them as you go. A bit of a pain, but with 8 colors, nothing is going to be easy.

Ack, that’s a lot of colors going on in one row! What pattern are you using?

Thank you so much for your interest and ideas. The pattern is from a Classic Elite Book called “First Edition” and uses Classic Elite Duchess and Princess yarns. The sweater is a simple pullover with a tall mock turtle neck and uses a slip stitch pattern which is not difficult. The different colors used on the front and back are variatios of purple, rusts, oranges, with a tiny bit of turqoise and almost mimic a stained glass window pane. It is not birght and flashy but muted. The arms are a solid dark purple with just the slip stitch pattern to give it texture. It’s really pretty, I just hope I can make it through all the color changes. I’ll kep you posted. Deb

Oooh, I love colorwork with slip stitches! I can’t wait to see it–it sounds gorgemous!

Is this the one? If it is, wow!


That is pretty. Bookmarked that one! :wink: