Knitting with loops

I saw a beautiful scarf made with Chenille isis yarn. It looked like it was knitted in stockinette stitch and incorporated a series of loops about 3/4" long, hanging off the front side of the work. The woman wearing it didn’t know how it had been made but it was made by a friend of hers. I recall an old Beehive knitting pattern that had a stuffed poodle made with similar loops but can’t figure out how to make them and have spent several hours searching old pattern books and the web. Any advice? Much appreciated.

Hi clk,

This is way bigger than what you described, but is this the kind of thing that you mean?

Also, re those beehive poodle patterns, I just did a check and there are some on ebay if that helps you:


Welcome clk!

Do you mean “loop stitch”? I’ve got a video of this (next the the picture of cable stitches) on the Advanced techniques page.


CLK - here’s one I saw today: