Knitting with Lion Brand Wool Stainless Steel Yarn

I would like to know if the Wool Stainless Steel yarn is scratchy to the skin? I want to make the scarf from Lion Brand LB Collection.

I don’t know this one and haven’t used this fiber, but I’ve felt some of a different brand at my LYS and it wasn’t particularly soft. Maybe if you carried with another yarn it would help…

Lots of projects and comments on the yarn on the Ravelry (free to join) page.
What an interesting idea.

Ravelry!!! That is a great site and has lots of info. I really appreciate it.

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I never knew until a few months ago that there even [I]was[/I] such a thing as stainless steel yarn. I was joking with a friend at work that “If you could make yarn out of stainless steel, I could still split it.” And she said “They [I]do[/I] make yarn out of stainless steel”. And then proceeded to bring up the website for Habu Textiles. Next thing I know, I’m finding other Habu yarns in my LYS… but not the stainless. Who knew? But I’d assumed that it was a “specialty yarn” only available from exotic yarn manufacturers… I certainly wouldn’t have guessed Lion Brand would make it.

But I could still split it.

And I wouldn’t imagine it’d be very soft. Or practical.

[COLOR=“Indigo”]I am currently working with Lion’s Brand Amazing in “Cobblestone” and it is 53% wool, soft and plush. You might find this yarn appealing. [/COLOR]