Knitting with Fun Fur and knitting in the round?

Hola ya’ll… long time no post from me. A friend of mine gave me a whole bunch of fun fur yarn in fun colors. I was wondering if there’s a suggested needle size for working with fun fur or what folks experiences were with knitting with it.

Also, I just scored a lot of circular bamboo knitting needles, sized 1-15 off of E-bay. Does anyone have a suggestion for a good learning project with circular needles? I’m a wee bit intimidated by them, but eager to do something like a scarf or hat.

Hope all is well with you all and its warmer where you are than here in Chicago!


I made a couple hats with fun fur doubled with Patons Divine in a complimentary color. It was a simple pattern and came out looking great. There’s a link to my FO Gallery in my signature and you can go there to see a picture. If you like it, I can give you the pattern. And the one for the scarves, which go great with the hat. All in fun fur! It takes a little getting used to, but really isn’t bad to work with. I like that it knits easily and slips better on bamboo needles than a lot of yarns.

Awesome! Thanks, I’d love the patter for the hat and scarf. Very cute FO’s!

my mom has the cutest scarf a friend made for her. They used fun fur in black and trellis(lion brand) in all sorts of bright colors (it comes that way) and its looks so cool! I have been meaning to make one but i have too many wips and stashed yarn, lol. Simply buy a coordinating color scheme in trellis and knit them together on i want to say size 13’s?
its very pretty, the fun fur is most of whats seen, but you get all these neat little spots of color coming through from the trellis

I did some furry scarves on either 13 or 15s, can’t remember which.

Here’s the pattern for the hat. It’s knit on size US10, 16" circular needles.

CO 70 stitches.
Join being careful not to twist your cast on and knit 2 rounds.
Purl 1 round.
K 21 rounds (about 5").
*K12, K2tog, repeat from * around.
K 1 round.
K11, K2tog, repeat from around.
K 1 row.
K10, K2tog, repeat from around.
K 1 round.
K9, K2tog, repeat from around.
K8, K2tog, repeat from around.
K7, K2tog, repeat from around.
K6, K2tog, repeat from around.
K5, K2tog, repeat from around.
K4, K2tog, repeat from around.
K3, K2tog, repeat from around.
K2, K2tog, repeat from around.
K1, K2tog, repeat from around.
K2tog, repeat from around.
Cut yarn with about a 6" tail.
Thread needle with tail and thread through remaining stitches.
Weave in ends.

The pattern for the scarf can be found here. I knit them on size US11 needles and cast on 24 sts for my green one and 32 for the striped one. And I used two balls of yarn instead of one. Made them much fuller and very cozy.

Thanks Liz! Since I’m a pattern newbie, can you please decipher:


And for joining do you mean when using the circs or joining the two kinds of yarn together?

Thank you so much!

K2tog is knit 2 sts together as if they were one. Insert your right needle into the 2nd st, then poke the tip into the 1st one and knit as usual. You’ll find a video of it in the decreases.

Awesome! Thank you. I just got my circ’s today so tomorrow will be spent puttering around with this pattern :slight_smile:

i’m also a beginner beginner…what does it mean with circular needles…after you cast one, “join”…do i just start knitting??? and how do i use a marker to keep track of rows?

i’m sorry for what must be obvious questions!


Yes you spread the sts out along the needle and begin knitting. The marker is put on the right needle before you join to show you where the beginning of the round is. You move it from one needle to another whenever you come to it again.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Make sure that after you cast on, instead of turning the needles to knit like you would if you were knitting flat, that you instead join the two ends together so that you’re knitting in a circle. Good luck to you both. Let me know how they turn out.

This is going to sound dumb I think, but if you join the ends of the circular, how do you continue to knit around? Do you use a third need to carry the thread around the circular?

Thanks again!

No, you spread your sts out so they go from tip to tip with the yarn to your skein on the right needle, then knit the first stitch on the left needle and keep going around and around and around… It’s a good idea to put a marker on the left needle so you know where the end of the round is in case you do a different stitch on the next one.