Knitting with DPN...not sure if I'm doing it backwards?

Hello all,

Ive recently begun knitting with DPN’s and having been unsuccessfully trying to make some gloves.

As I’ve been looking up youtube videos for help its come to my attention that I may be knitting on DPNs wrong.

The way that I have been knitting, I work my way around the round anti clockwise, and I also have the “right” side of my work on the inside and the wrong side of the work facing outwards…but on all the youtube videos I’ve been watching they see to have the ‘right’ side of the work showing and facing outwards.

So essentially, when I’ve been trying to make my gloves, I’ve been knitting them inside out (thinking I just reverse it when I’m done), and I’m wondering if maybe this is why I’ve been running into difficulty when trying to follow the patterns?

@blackrosepetals91 It sounds like you’re just knitting the project inside out. Sometimes this makes no difference, but it can when it comes to increases, decreases, etc. You can try just flipping it right side out, but if it doesn’t look nice you can start over the correct way.

To knit right side out make sure you start knitting on the outside of your work, the outside of the loop of knitting. This link shows knitting with a circular, but you can see how you are supposed to hold your knitting.

These two links show how to knit on double pointed needles if you need help.
Scroll down on this one and you’ll see DPN knitting-

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All this talk is making me dizzy :upside_down: LOL
But seriously, I am glad that you have decided to start
on DPNs. DPNs make it possible for you to be in complete
control of the quality of your stitches.
Once you become accustom to there use, you will love
them as much as I do. They will also spoil you with their
quick handling when making scarves and hats etc…etc.:heart:

There was supposed to be an upside down face at the end
of the first sentence which would have been funny.
I guess I still have to learn how to make this thing work…

Hi @Wolfie. Sheldon here. It looks like it was missing a space between word dizzy and the face. I just edited it to add the space and it worked! :smile_cat:

Thanks sheldon…I am going to see if I can do it right.
Double pointed needles are a piece of :cake: compared to the flexible cable
in that you can knit a few stitches past the starting point in your knitting,
thus avoiding any lines or ladders in your finished piece. Also, it is easier
to :frog: down to mistakes when you have 4 separate openings to work with !!
I’m not :lion_face: I use them all of the :clock: !

@Wolfie I only use DPN for very tiny things like stuffed animals legs. Otherwise I prefer magic loop.

I don’t see a dizzy face… How did you do that?

Ya…I went to the last page of the little faces and there it was.
Keep hitting the little forward arrows… :upside_down: it’s on the
last page. :vulcan: also Spock’s, “Live Long and Prosper”

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Hi Jan,

thanks for these links, I think I see where I’ve been going wrong and will try again and see if I can not knit inside out !

Thank you again :slight_smile:

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Thanks Wolfie :smiley:

This is a very common error made by beginners. It happens because when you first start knitting in the round for the first couple rows, the work turns itself inside out, and you don’t have the experience to know it. So you need to be very vigilant that you are holding your work correctly.

ALWAYS pick up your knitting with the working yarn attached to the right-hand needle. And you MUST always work clockwise. When working with a tube, the side with the stitches being worked is ALWAYS nearest you – not the far side!

If you do get turned inside out, just turn your work back the right way, and you will be fine. As long as you keep these points in mind, you should be okay. It all comes with experience — and good instruction.

I would very strongly suggest that you take a beginner class in anything at your local yarn shop or library or guild or church group. You will learn so very much!!

Hi there.

thank you so much for your message I really do appreciate your advice :slight_smile:
Out of interest, why is it important to work in a clockwise manner ?

Again, thank you for you advice!

The usual method is to work in a clockwise direction around the outside of the tube. For me, it makes certain decreases, instructions for thumbs, etc easier.
That said, I often work on the inside of the tube just as you’re doing. It helps out with stranded knitting because it makes doubly sure that the strands aren’t too tight. Also, it’s just fun, a change that keeps things fresh. If you like it and it works, why not?

Haha – yes, sometimes it’s just fun to turn things around and work in an entirely new direction – just because! This is something I would never say to a beginner. But after you have done so many that you can do it with your eyes shut (or in the dark – I have done that!), then you want to try something new just to add some interest and keep your concentration awake. I will often fall asleep if doing plain ordinary stocking stitch!
There are some simple rules that you must follow in your knitting if you want it to flow smoothly. Of course, you can do it upside down while standing on your head singing the national anthem, but why? Not recommended for beginners! The rules must always be obeyed when it comes to forming the stitches – no matter which manner you do them!!