Knitting with cotton

Hi y’all, I’d like to hear from other knitters if they’ve ever knit garments with 100% cotton. And they’re preference for KnitPicks Dishie vs. Lilys n Cream. I’d like to knit some cotton cardis, rompers, dresses for my 1 year old granddaughter that just moved to N.C. where summers are hot & humid!! Thanks in advance for your recommendations :slight_smile:

Personally I think of those more as “workhorse” cottons to be used for kitchen textiles as they aren’t all that soft. There are lots of cottons and cotton blends that are softer and might be better. I’ll see if I can find the names of a few.

I’ve tried many, many cotton yarns, including the two you mention and nothing compares to Cascade Ultra Pima for garments. My humble opinion, lol. I would not use dishie for anything other than for dish cloths, it’s not soft and doesn’t feel good against the skin.

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I agree about the Cascade Ultra Pima and Pima fine, lovely yarns. Also Tahki Cotton Classic is nice to work with and comes in a wide range of colors. Both are machine washable on gentle cycle.
For me, cotton always seems heavy so I use a cotton/linen blend or cotton/alpaca. Knit loosely, they’re actually lighter and cooler.

Thx so much everyone for your input!! I had previously considered a cotton/linen blend. Just want to make sure it’s “easy care” as it’s baby clothes!!

Patons Grace is wonderful.
100% mercerised cotton.
I have used it many times.

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Cool👍 good to know! I don’t think I’ve seen that brand in my Google search for cotton yarn. I’ll type it in & look. Thx much!

I’ve even found some recycled cotton which I used for a cardigan for myself a couple of years ago. Unfortunately I no longer have the ball band but those of you who are also looking for eco-friendly stuff might like to look for this.

if you’re near a hobby lobby, a prolific knitwear designer in my area has had a lot of success and pleasure knitting her personal cotton garments with their “i love this cotton” and “yarn bee sugarwheel cotton” yarns… i know i like ILTC for wash cloths and towels i’ve done, but was surprised a designer with access to a whole world of yarn would use humble hobby lobby for herself and love it. :wink: cheers, 'topher

Thanks much for the recommendation, I don’t live near a Hobby Lobby:( I decided on a 75% pima cotton 25% acrylic from knit picks. Great sale on that ends @ midnight!! And has some beautiful cotton/linen blend yarn that I might get for myself. Their site also has an end of summer sale going on :slight_smile: