Knitting with cotton yarn sucks!

I was trying to knit with some cotton yarn on acrylic needles…didn’t really work. Couldn’t keep the tension right/it was looking uglee. What the…???

Blaspheme. I love knitting with cotton. You should get some nickel plated needles.

Cotton yarn will stick more to acryllic needles than it will to bamboo or metal needles (and the nickel plated ones mentioned above are particularly nice with cotton). Try different needles and I bet you change your mind about cotton.

I love cotton. Try different needles and see if that doesn’t make a difference for you. You’ll get the hang of it and your project will go better. Good luck!

I love cotton, too!

Sometimes it depends on what cotton you are using. But the needles make a BIG difference here! Same with acrylic yarn. Nickle plated definitely glide through these types of yarn much more easily!

Double knitting with cotton sucks!
My hands were cramped because it was so unelastic…

I wouldn’t double knit with cotton again, I guess knitting with it is fine. Depends.

Cotton can be harder on your hands. I assume you’re using Sugar and Cream type yarn? Try nickel plated or at least metal needles and go up a size. Knitting it more loosely helps, too.

The only problem I’ve ever had knitting with cotton is re-using the yarn. It tends to unravel.

If you have a hobby lobby near your go there and get you some I love this cotton yarn. I love it. It is much softer than the sugar n cream and it slides more easily on the needles. I have never used acrylic needles but I do love the I Love This Cotton yarn from Hobby Lobby.

I knitted my first baby cardi with cotton yarn and found it really hard on my hands, so I haven’t used it again. I also thought I hated picking up stitches, but it turns out it was just really really hard with the cotton yarn not being very stretchy or give-y.

I second the:heart: I Love This Cotton yarn from Hobby Lobby. It’s especially great for facecloths! For the stiffer cotton yarn, I wasn’t that excited about it either until I got my pointy Options; they are the only reason I gave the market bag patterns another try…and knit 3 of them so far:happydance:

I like Bernat Cottontots, too :thumbsup:

I use my Quicksilvers to knit with cotton. It’s never given me a bit of trouble.

Si Senora…I got fed up and frogged it…my Options (?) will arrive April 28th (boyfriend’s bringing them.) I have aluminum-ish needles but they’re really loooooong and I don’t like knitting with looooong needles, eh?

Acrylic and cotton just don’t mix. :frowning: Bummer, too, as I love knitting my kid-sized acrylic needles, easy to take my knitting with me with them, too, when I go places.

Sorry I didn’t reply sooner, mayhem with college finals etc. I have finished two 1000+ word essays in less than a week already. :roflhard:

I’ve not seen Hobby Lobby up here in Canuckistan but no worries as I’m moving to the 'burbs of Denver, CO at the end of August. :yay:

Yep, there’s HLs in the Denver area, also Joanne’s and Michaels (which don’t have I love this Cotton, but have other nice yarns too).

Yes, we have Michael’s up here too, but I did visit one down there several times (prices are much lower.) That’s where I got the awesome Vanna White yarn, IIRC. I love knitting with that yarn!

Gonna have to remember to look for HLs when I move there.

There’s about 10 in the Metro area - Search link.

Looks like there’s one very close (biking or maybe walking distance) from my boyfriend’s house. DOH! lol restraint! restraint!

I just started a project with Lion Brand CottonEase. I am really liking it. I was not a big fan of cotton in the beginning, but I was using Creme n Sugar. I have since, used nicer cotton from my LYS and now CottonEase. I am enjoying cotton again. Which is good, since I live in Texas. BTW, I use KP nickel plated options. They even make Creme n Sugar a little easier to deal with.