Knitting with circs in the round

do you need 2 sets or can you do it with just one set? I’m confused about everything other than my straights.

One set :slight_smile: you are just treating the two ends as two needles - but they are joined of course via the cord…and you knit round and round and round :slight_smile: Use a marker (could be just a coloured bit of yarn) to perhaps indicate when a row finishes or begins if you are knitting any kind of pattern etc. Just helps you keep track of where you are.

Ok thanks! You’re always so quick to reply!
I will give it a go then!

Well…thanks…but in a way it’s the time zone thing as a lot of our US folk are asleep now :slight_smile:

very true, I always post first thing in the morning becuse I usually come across my question the night before but don’t have time to post then.

Remember, though, that the length of the circs is critical. You’re needles can’t be longer than the circumference of what you’re knitting. Shorter, yes. Longer and the stitches won’t fit around.

I think that some statement like this should be printed on the back of all circ packages…It would make things a little easier for people what are new to circs and don’t know much about them. I know If I had seen it when I first started, I wouldn’t have struggled trying to make a baby hat on 29" circs. (it worked out anyway, I finagled with something similar to magic loop, but had no idea what magic loop was at the time)

Well, the confusing aspect is of course that using them as straights you can make something significantly longer than the total circ length also.