Knitting with cat hair video


That is too cool!!! I wish, wish, WISH I had saved the fur from Marshmallow (in avatar) over the years. She’s 17.5 now so shaving her wouldn’t be very nice as she gets cold easier and she’s kinda slow and sleepy now. Great idea though I’d want a scarf! :lol:

maybe you could just comb her a lot Jan… or shave her in June :slight_smile:

That is awesome!

Why would using cat hair to make a handbag be creepy? It’s fur! We use goose down, sheep fur, goat hair, horse hair, etc. in our everyday lives, so what’s wrong with making your cat’s leftover hair have a purpose?

That is such a neat idea! LOVE it!

I completely agree…it isn’t like the animal is giving their life for the bag. It is utilizing something that would normally be thrown out. To me no different than camel hair yarn or any other yarn made from animal hair. I wonder if the people that find it “creppy” know what the cashmere sweater they love is made of. Or their beloved angora scarf.

I seriously don’t understand how anyone would find that creepy…And the idea of leather isn’t creepy???

I think it’s awesome…I mean if you’re going to have your pet groomed anyway, might as well save the fur…It looks to be completely humane, and, talk about environmentally friendly!

I think this is a GREAT Idea!!

I don’t know why someone would think it was creepy! What is the difference between using cat hair and using rabbit or chinchilla or sheep??

If you are going to shave your cat anyway, you might as well make something beautiful with it!!

This is great! :roflhard:

Of course, I’m always finding my cat’s hair in my knitting, so…

I found a book once in a book store with information about spinning with dog hair. In that one though, it just talked about mixing the hair with wool. Still, who would want a sweater that smells like a wet dog after it rains? At least cats don’t smell…:slight_smile:

Animal hair/fur all smells the same to me after its washed really well. I have a husky, a malamute, and a Pyrenees whom all shed copious amounts of fur. I have been saving it for the last couple months and now have a large bag full. I am going to attempt to learn to spin it into yarn this next fall/winter as my winter time project. I also have goats but I don’t know if their hair is worth messing with since their not actually hair goats.

Thanks for sharing that video! I have a shi tzu who is 13 and sadly probably won’t be around for too many more years…I would LOVE to have a keep sake of him. I wonder if my groomer would safe his fur for me next time I get him shaved???

I’m TOTALLY sure the groomer will, just ask!
I think its time for all of us pet owners to start learning how to spin!

Indeed! With the amount of animal fur I vacuum every day, I’d probably have so much I’d never have to purchase yarn again! :teehee:


uhm, wait a sec… nvm. :shifty:

Thanks for the video…

I love it. With two Siberians roaming my house, I’m sure I vacuum and/or comb up enough to make a tote or two every week! I wonder what their fur would knit up like?

[I]Family vote on the weirdness of this…[/I]

[B]Eww: [/B]Fiance, sister, Grams

[B]Cool:[/B] Me, Mom

[I]Votes that changed when I reminded everyone of what leather is…[/I]

Fiance, sister, Grams


Not creepy at all! Much nicer than having a bag made of dead cow…! I have saved locks of fur from all my dearly departed kitties and plan to turn them into some sort of framed keepsake or whatnot.

My cats are all shorthairs except for my avatar, vanBuskirk. Still, I have kitty fiber in everything I knit! (also everything I wear, everything I eat…you get the idea.)

Cat hair is a condiment in my house… and I haven’t lived with mine for 4 months!

OMG, my vacuum is full of it! We have 6 cats, one is a solid white shorthair and sheds as much as the two long hairs! I could eliminate all the combing! Told hubby not to say a word if he comes home one day and has naked cats! LOL!

No joke! We were discussing the “pfffting” (spitting cat hair),we all do in the mornings when we first wake up! Just walk in with a black pair of slacks on, head to the spinning wheel and take off! Even the dog has cat hair! :teehee: