Knitting with cat/dog fur

Some years ago, I saw something on 20/20 (or some show like that) about this woman who collected cat and dog fur and knitted with it. Has anyone ever heard of this? How would one go about doing that - I assume you would have to spin it. I have four cats, and think it would be kind of funny to make something with their fur. Purely experimental, I really wouldn’t want to wear it that would be pretty gross.

lol… :teehee:
I think they washed the fibre and spinned them :thinking:

But when you said cat fibre… the first image that occurs to my mind is all those fur that end up on your shirt after you hugged them :roflhard:


I have to use the lint brush every morning before I leave the house, but I swear that fur is magnetic and follows me. When I get to work I still have it all over me. Oh well, I love my babies. They have been with me for a long time and I wouldn’t trade them for anything in order to have fur free clothes!

check out this pic from menwhoknit

The posting is here if you’d like to read about it:

i have the same breed of dog with very similar coloring and have been saving his hair for several months now to spin. if only there was a way to pull it out of the vacuum cleaner! :wink:

I just woke up this morning to about 20 puffs of cat hair on the carpet… either my two boys got in a fight, or one of them exploded. But they’re both accounted for so I guess it was a fight. :teehee: But while I was collecting the fur, I couldn’t help but think that it feels just like angora. Maybe I should start collecting their fur too. They’re both long hair black cats.

Dog and cat hair actually have a real term in the spinning community. Dog hair is Chiengora and cat hair is Chatgora. They’re the French term for the animal + gora like angora. But they’re just froofroo names for pet hair. :stuck_out_tongue: Google “Chiengora”, you’ll be surprised at the results. :slight_smile:

if only there was a way to pull it out of the vacuum cleaner! Wink

Having had a vacuum cleaner explode due to excessive pet shedding - I take a damp rubber glove and wipe over the surfaces and carpets before I vacuum - its amazing how much fur that pulls up!

Also - a tip I just got from a website telling me how to promote harmony between cats in a household (it’ll never happen - my cats hate each other) was to get them together and wipe them down with a damp cloth to promote the need to groom each other.
I did this once and the cloth changed color with all the fur it gathered.

I’ve composted it all so far - but maybe I should save money on yarn and start knitting with it.

Then make the cats wear the garments as punishment for fighting! :teehee:

[b][color=indigo]One needs to use the undercoat of an animal for spinning. The “fluff” part. Some long hair cats have that. I just brushed my Chow mix yesterday and got a grocery bag full of fluff. Pics are on my blog.

Once one has the fluff, then it has to be spun. I mix mine with wool as dog is very very very warm, almost too warm to wear. I have a skein of dog and wool now waiting to tell me what it’s going to be![/color]


My mom has a Shetland Sheepdog named Jessie whose hair I’ve been collecting. When I get enough, I’m going to spin it and knit some mittens! :happydance:

I’m gonna buy the book Knitting with Dog Hair as soon as I get some extra cash.

Also, check out this website for a spinning dog hair tutorial. :slight_smile:

Okay…well at first I was really grossed out by this thread. Cat hair sweater?!? Dog hair hat?!? EW!

But then I remembered that most good yarns are collected from animals…goats, bunnies, llamas…so I guess it’s not that different.

Just please, don’t be giving me anything made from the cat or dog hair yarns! :wink:


I spin my cat’s hair. I’d only make non wearables, me thinks. I’ve used it for a coin purse and love it. It’s just like angora.

Just flipping through my Vogue Knitting mag… and what do I see? An ad to mail order custom spinning of your pets fur. lol

I have thought of using my cat’s hair and doing my own spinning. A few years ago before I ever knitted I was painting my bedroom and of course one of the cats had to lay under the ladder and some paint spilt on his fur. I used scissors to cut it off then I just kept cutting and couldn’t bear to part with this soft soft soft creation. So I have it in a plastic bag.

then I did start knitting and realized I could spin this fur. I got some of the books, but I haven’t got any supplies yet. Someone told me that because the hair is so fine that it would be hard to spin.

But I still have it and have a good source for more! One of my cat’s name is “furry murry”.

My boys don’t fight very often, and usually they’re just playing aggressively. They’re litter mates and very lovey dovey with each other. This morning was an uncommon occurrence… although, I’ve put the fat one on a diet, so he’s probably just ticked off at the other because he still gets canned food. lol

definitely no wearables for me. as yarn lady said, it is VERY warm, but also, imagine getting caught in the rain and having your hat/sweater/mittens/ear muffs take on wet-dog smell. (it will continue to do so even off the dog, just as you sometimes get a funk washing wool.) i heard a really sweet idea from a friend of mine who spun up her dog’s hair. hers used to sleep on her feet all the time and keep them warm, so when she lost her beloved pet, she spun it and knit it into a pillow with “pocket” to put her feet into. i thought that was really sweet. i think i would probably do a lacy afghan out of my baby’s fur if i can get enough.

eta: i am assuming we’re talking about spinning long-haired cat fur? i am an inexperienced spinner, but my cat’s staple length would be near impossible, i think, shorter than cotton even…