Knitting with Black Yarn

Does anyone have any pointers on knitting with black yarn?
Is it hard to do, like hard to see the stitches when knitting with it? I was wondering if using a different color needle would make it easier.

For me it’s very helpful to be in a well-lit environment, and KNOW your stitch pattern really well ahead of time.

Ditto. I used black as a background color for a Tunisian crotchet oddball afghan. I know the Tunisian stitch backwards and forwards, had plenty of light, and yes–used a colored needle. If trying a new stitch with black I would do a larger than average swatch in a lighter color first to be absolutely sure I had the pattern down pat.

I agree–light, especially outdoors if the weather is good.

hi,I am fairly new to knitting and I got the advice to have a white background if knitting with black yarn.I just hope it will help as I am going to knit black socks for my eldest daughter.

I’ve knit quite a few pairs of black socks. All of the above suggestions are good:

  1. I use nickel-plated needles. They are slippery but the black shows up well against them. I supposed light-colored bamboo would also work

  2. I knit with a light right over my shoulder and in daylight when I can

  3. I keep a white hand towel across my lap. Then I can hold the knitting in my lap and see the stitches well-contrasted by the white background.

  4. Simple patterns work best. Not only are they harder to mess up, but complicated patterns don’t show well with black yarn anyway.

I just finished a simple stockinette stitch jacket with black yarn and it worked out fine for me…i used shiny gold needles so they stood out well! Good luck!

I don’t seem to have a problem knitting what I can’t see. But I have major problems crocheting with black.
Light over the shoulder and white background is the only way I can do it.

I just knit my husband some socks. I bought sale yarn which came in a light blue and when done knitting I dyed them navy blue. It worked great. I have enough of the light blue to make him about 5 more pair and will dye them all navy.