Knitting with beads

I’m knitting a “jewelry” type scarf using beads. Knit two rows inserting 10 beads in 4 columns, then 2 rows with 9 beads in 4 columns, then 2 rows with 8 beads in 4 columns, etc. Each column between beads is 5 stitches in seed stitch. Eventually you have one bead going the full length of the scarf between the columns. The finished product has beads draping at both ends. Right now I’m just pushing the beads up to where they belong & then continue knitting. Is there a way to hold the beads in place or a special way I should be handling them?:frog: Thanks for any suggestions. Kay

working a twisted (knit in back of loop) either side of the bead “swags” will help tighten up the edges and hold them neat.

so (work pattern) Ktbl, 10 beads, Ktbl, (work in pattern)

the Ktbl ‘trick’ is used by Clapitos, too, to keep the ‘ladders’ smooth and edge neat.

Knitting a twisted stitch before & after the bead is working out great. Looks much better. Thank you sooo much!