Knitting with 2 strands

Hello! I’m knitting with a pattern that says “cast on 42 stitches with 2 strands of yarn.” Does that mean I cast on 21 stitches because that number is doubled, or cast on 42 stitches even though there are 2 stitches? Also do I knit with the 2 strands together or separate them? Thank you!!!

Please post a pattern name and link if at all possible. It helps us help you because there are too many patterns for us to know what all designers mean. :slight_smile:

Based on what you’ve written cast on whatever number it says with two strands. So in this case cast on 42 stitches with two strands. You will probably be knitting both strands as one, but without the pattern I’m not positive. Some patterns use two strands to create a thicker fabric.

Thank you!

That’s adorable! It does say to knit with the two strands so it’ll be double thick. :slight_smile:

Great, thank you! I’m using a medium weight yarn for this so I think I’ll stick with just one strand. Thanks so much again!

Be sure your gauge is correct. If you’re going to change the pattern definitely doin a gauge swatch.

Hello I have another question about this pattern. It states, “When piece measures 35-42-50-57 (67-75) cm / 13 3/4”-16½"-19 3/4"-22½" (26½"-29½"), divide piece at the 2 markers and finish front and back piece separately."

How do I divide the piece to finish the front and back separately? Thank you!


You can slip the stitches for one side on a spare circular with the same size needles or you can add caps. If you don’t have a spare needle slip the stitches for one side onto waste yarn, string or unwaxed dental floss. Make sure the waste yarn is long enough so the stitches don’t fall off while you are working on the other side.

Thanks so much for all your help! Hoping to post a pic of the finished product soon. I’m sure I’ll be back with more questions :wink:

Your welcome.:slight_smile:

Hello, me again.

With this pattern I am now working on “left front piece” and “right front piece.” For the right front piece it says "work as left front piece but reversed."
Where exactly do I start the “reversed” part? Does it mean I do the new cast on stitches reversed and continue in the bind off? Just a little confused.

Thanks so much!