Knitting with 2 dift sized needles?

I woke up with the idea that I’d like to make this scarf with one super-sized needle, and one regular. Anybody ever tried this? what will happen? MY scarf pattern is a basketweave of k3,p3 for 7 rows, then p3,k4 for 7 rows, keeping a slip st on the beginning of each row.

I figure it will make one fat loopy row, one regular one. I’m holding two yarns tog, one fine mohair, one heavier wool. I may just give it a try for a few rows, see how it looks, and will post pics.

anybody ever try this? words of advice? My DH thinks it will make stripes in the texture.

MY DH made me a plastic holder for the yarns, with a washer to smooth the edges of the hole where yarn comes through.

That was a popular technique back in the 70s called condo knitting, I think. It does produce an interesting fabric, sort of lacy, though it was usually done with just one strand of worsted. Go for it, see what you get.

Im not sure about the needles, but love the yarn holder idea. Gonna get my husband right on that. Thanks for sharing.

The stitch is most influenced by the size of the needle you wrap to form the stitch.
Try googling “Scribble lace” which uses a two size needle technique.

I thought scribble lace was using one needle size and different yarn thicknesses. Like combining bulky yarn on large needles and lace yarn on the same needles.

These are the yarns, holding one of each as I knit, one is merino alpaca which is fuzzy, the plain one is 100% wool of some sort:

Well, I tried the two sized needles and didn’t like the texture, the difficulty working with a large needle after a small one; it’s tricky trying to get the big fat needle into the tighter stitch which the smaller needle formed. Besides this: the pattern is not symmetrical with the number of stitches they suggested; it begins with knit 3 and ends the row with purl 3, which I don’t like.

So I frogged a few times, and now I like this one, with two sized 7.5mm needles and less stitches. It knits up real quick!

I saw a sweater in a book that was knit w/2different size needles. It was an open/airy sort of effect, very pretty.

I don’t think it would work so well with a stitch pattern.