Knitting "waves"

Hi - I am brand new to knitting, I was inspired by Lauren Saunder’s amazing pillows… and would like to knit my own pillow cover in a similar fashion. My question is, how do I knit smooth curves or waves the way Lauren does? It looks like there are extra “lines” that create her curves. I don’t know all the terminology/lingo or abbreviations, so if possible please explain in most simple terms!


Looks like they are done with a technique called ‘short rows.’ Look on the Video page, Advanced Techniques - near the botton is one called Short Row with Wraps. I think that should help.

thanks! i will try that

I’ve just had a look at them. Fabbbbbulous! Especially the earthy coloured ones. Thanks to bringing them to us. A definate up and coming project. I have all sorts of bits and bobs of hand spun in natural colours. They will be perfect.

ok - now i have a question about the “short row with wrap.” In the video the girl does that wrapped stitch, stitches a few more, and then does another wrapped stitch - but I don’t have to do more than one wrapped stitch in the same line, right? Like, I can do one wrapped stitch, continue on to the end and back, and then deal with the wrap once I get back to it - does that make sense?

but I don’t have to do more than one wrapped stitch in the same line, right?

You mean in the same row? You might need to do more than one per row depending on the desired shaping.

yes, when I say “line” I guess what I mean is row.

The usual way is to wrap a st, then turn and knit back across the sts (like a row), wrap another st, tune and work back across, etc. It may depend on a pattern though.