Knitting Warehouse


Has anyone here ever bought yarn from Knitting Warehouse online? I placed an order with them Oct 2 and they took the money out of my account right away. Their site says they ship within 1-2 business days. It’s been three days and I haven’t heard from them. No shippment email. So, I emailed them, twice, and no reply. I thought they had good reviews that I read, but I’m starting to worry and wonder if I should call and cancel the order.

I don’t want to be on hold long distance for a long time so I thought I’d ask if anyone ever had trouble with the company or if any has had good experiences with them. I know I should have asked this before placing my order but I didn’t think to do so until now.

“Business days” usually means Monday thru Friday. I’d give them another couple of days at the most.

So have you bought from them before? Oh wow… update. It hasn’t arrived at my house yet so I don’t know the condition of the stuff, but I called them and they didn’t put me on hold, they were really friendly and my order is due today… out for delivery. Whew! The tracking number just didn’t get posted.

So, so far the good reviews are true. That’s a relief. I know 1-2 business days would make this the 3rd day… and they actually shipped it the day after I ordered… I meant I ordered it on Oct 1, not the 2nd.

Thanks so much for your reply melmac :slight_smile:

I had a fiasco last year with JoAnn online, they didn’t get the total right, they didn’t get the taxes right, the stuff took 3 weeks to arrive at my home and I was a little shaky ordering from this place.

You’re welcome! No, I’ve never ordered from them, but I’ve learned from experience elsewhere what “business days” means. I may have to check them out though, now that you’ve told us how nice they are. :slight_smile:

I have ordered from them quite a few times, not yarn but gadgets, and have never gotten shipment/delivery confirmation emails but the product has always arrived in good condition in less than a week from order date. The order has alway been correct and have been charged the correct amount. I’m glad to hear their in-person (phone) customer service is top notch as well. I like the prices on most of their stuff, very competitive!

I’ve ordered from them a couple of times too and never had a problem.

I have ordered from them and I don’t have any problems with them. Their prices are great and the items come really fast. I don’t seem to wait very long and I have my stuff.

I know what business days are. I’ve known for quite some time, and was counting business days.

All of you who have had good experiences with them are lucky because sending they are fast, their yarn is so so and trying to return anything is something they avoid completely. Here is my review of Knitting Warehouse:

I received no confirmation email of my purchase. I had to call, no toll-free number. I tried to cancel, but Marc said it had already shipped.

Later, I needed to return 6 skeins of yarn. Had to acquire a RMA (return merchandise authorization) number that took 3 (business) days to obtain. I had to pay return shipping and when I emailed asking if they had received it 5 (business) days later (it was supposed to take 3 business days to get there), the reply I got from Marc said that about a week after they receive it he will get a credit memo. He refused to answer whether they had received it or not.

He could look it up easily to see if they had received it just as easily as he found out my order had shipped before I could cancel it.

Today I made a second long-distance call during their stated hours. Got a recording and they put me on hold saying all their agents were busy with other customers. The next recording they put on, said their hours were 9:00 AM-12:00PM (instead of the 9:00AM-5:00PM PST Monday through Friday -business days- which today is- as stated at their site).I called at 10:20 AM PST.

It’s obvious they were avoiding my call. Two completely different recordings in 35 minutes.

I haven’t received any response regarding whether or not the package made the trip okay. I haven’t received my refund.

I will never shop with them again. Please warn others. Please listen to the negative reviews, they’re all true.

Oh no! Thanks for the warning…I take back what I said about giving them a try. They won’t be getting any business from me.