Knitting vids

Look how she casts on:

Knitting without needles:

I don’t even know how to describe that cast on! I’ll have to watch it a few more times to figure it out…maybe… :??

Looks like she’s doing the Italian tubular method of casting on. It makes a super stretchy cast-on edge for ribbing.

Here’s a site with a pictorial how-to and a little video of it in action.

Hmmm…actually maybe not. It looks like she’s dropping a loop or something so it’s not tubular. :hmm:

Cool It looks like knitting socks might not be impossible after all.

I thought it was just a long tail cast on she does but she’s making the loops with her fingers and putting them on the needle instead of holding the yarn and then weaving the needle around it. The loop pattern is the same (inside loop, outside loop, release) and it looks like a long tail cast on when she finishes.

But I’ve only been knitting like a week so what do I know?


That looks like the thumb variation of Longtail CO only without the thumb. That’s how I do it - loop the tail around the needle with my thumb, knit a st, then slip the loop off the needle.

Reminds me a little of this -->

weird, huh? I’ve never seen that!

I’d agree with suzeeq, that’s a thumb cast on without a thumb. Maybe easier for kids to learn?