Knitting vc Crochet

So I only know how to knit, but I looked up some crochet patterns and they are beautiful! It seems like you can make much fancier and more elegant things if you crochet. Am I wrong? Is crochet a superior art? I’m starting to regret learning to knit instead of crochet!

I can’t crochet to save my life, and I have found that I can make absolutely gorgeous things with knitting. I’ve seen beautiful lace, but I haven’t actually ventured into that territory yet. I would say it is a matter of preference whether you prefer knit or crochet, but I love the way my knitting comes out. Look at anything fair isle, I haven’t seen the equivalent among crochet, although it very well may be out there. I would suggest if crochet is a sincere interest for you see if someone can teach you the basics and see which you prefer to do. It’s not really a worthwhile hobby if you don’t like the results.

aww…don’t regret knitting!!! Knitting is awesome! and I’ve heard that crocheting is a bit easier than knitting. You can still do both.

Yes, it doesn’t have to be either or, do both of them. They can both make delicate lacy things, or warm cuddly blankets or useful garments.

I do both. I think you should venture into the Crochet territory if you want to. There are advantages to both skills. IMHO

Besides, when you grow tired of one you can switch for a while!:wink:

I learned to crochet first. Both skills are equally beautiful both are different. I perfer to knit with yarn but I love thread crochet. I think crochet patterns are harder to follow (maybe that’s because I worked mainly with really old thread patterns??) Bite the bullet and learn both!!

Yes Steph,
Definitely learn to do both, they are similar only in that they use yarn, and pattern formats are quite similar but other than that they are like sheep n goats.
I do both. If I want something quick n in a hurry, I’ll crochet it. Like a hat or slippers. I’ve done a couple lace sweaters and baby dresses but I knit for other sweaters for adults and knit sox n mittens n gloves.

It totally depends on how you want your finished items to look like. Crocheting with yarn makes a more rustic article whereas knitting with yarn is more delicate. Then there’s the whole color work thing. In crochet there is what is called tapestry crochet. I uses multiple colors of yarn just like knitted colorwork but is more suited for more rugged items like purses and bowls and hats that are shaped.
Knitted colorwork can be used more for apparel. So it is a good thing to learn both. One is not tryin to copy or take the place of the other but they both have their uses that belong to each alone.
There is nothing like a beautiful huge tablecloth with glorious pineapples spilling all over the place.
And there is nothing like a luscious light as air, lace mohair scarf.
I hope that I have made my case for both art forms.:thumbsup:

You explained that very well, Fibrenut. I like both also, but knitting is easier on my hands. (I don’t know why, my friend is just the opposite.)

Crocheted objects just seem to be quicker to make for me, maybe because I’m still on a STEEP learning curve with knitting.

definatley learn to do both

Crocheting with normal yarn will produce a very bulky item, and will use tons of yarn. And to me, crocheted clothing looks so seventies - not a good thing. However, crochet with fine cotton, and you can get really fine cotton, is beautiful.

There are beautiful lace patterns available for knitting, and IMO the variation in patterns is much greater that in crochet. I don’t think crocheters can produce a delicate leafy vine, but knitters can.

I agree … learn to crochet! From what I’ve heard it’s harder to learn to knit if you’re a crocheter, but easier to learn to crochet if you’re a knitter first. That certainly fit my experience. I crocheted for years and struggled for months trying to coordinate two needles instead of using a hook that pulls the yarn through for you. It’s really nice to be able to do both …

If you like the look of crochet, I say give crochet a try. I agree with the previous post that crochet looks a little more rustic. As someone who loves to do both, I will throw in my two cents. If you can knit, crochet should be pretty easy for you. (That hook helps a lot!) I find that crochet is so much faster than knitting. If I am going to make a baby blanket or afghan, I almost always crochet it. It is also much easier to frog items when you are crocheting them. (You only have to worry about 1 live stitch at a time rather than an entire row of live stitches.) In my experience, crochet takes much more yarn a lot quicker than knitting and definitely makes a heavier fabric. Again, I enjoy both very much. I hope my observations help you decide to give it a try!

I love knitting much more than crocheting…Knitting fancy stitches seems to be more of a challenge for me & I love that!:cheering: Of course there are lovely crocheted patterns out there, but my first choice is to pick up my knitting needles rather than a crochet hook…There is a crocheted poncho that I make that works up so quickly & takes on a different look when using fancy yarns…I also like combining yarn textures.:woohoo:
Have a happy knitting day:hug:

I totally agree with that! Where i live, crochet is a lot more common than knitting (weather+tradition thing), so when i tried to learn how to knit at first it was really difficult.

But my philosophy of life is: learn everything you can, you never know when you might need it.

Ha! I said exactly the same thing just the other day!

Honestly, as a long-time crocheter, I taught myself to knit just so that I could have the potential of one day making myself a real article of clothing. A chrocheted top would never be worn. A knit top may (if I ever get the courage).

They’re both a lot of fun and you can make beautiful things with both crafts. I think that knitting is more popular now but it’s a nice diversion to be able to do both, and if you notice in many knitting patterns, to finish it off and/or correct mistakes, it’s helpful to have at least a little crochet knowledge.

I learned to knit because it looked very relaxing to do and the patterns are amazing, and I am learning crochet as well because my grandmother made me a beautiful afghan when I was little and I want to learn to make those along with some useful stuff for around the house (bath mat, potholders, etc.).

It’s just a personal preference thing, really… :slight_smile:

As a 35 year crocheter and about a 28 year knitter I agree that learning both is an advantage. They each have their strengths and weaknesses and both can be used to create beautiful objects. Crocheting is definitely faster and easier to fix mistakes, but for clothing there are definitely more patterns for knitters.
I am seeing more pattern designers using crochet recently. The last time I remember seeing this happen was in the 70’s and it was definitely a youth thing.
You lose nothing by learning both.

For me, if find most ppl I know either do one or the other, and when cross referencing, neither can figure out the other. I myself just can’t get hang of the one handed hook. I have tried a few times, and I will continue to try, but knitting is my prefered art.

And long live those who can do both! My grandma is one of them!

I learned how to crochet when I was 18, and figured I’d never learn how to knit. I saw something I wanted to make and set myself out to learn how to knit. Now I do both. When my hands hurt too much from knitting, I switch to crochet. I like the versatility being able to do both gives me.

For example, I prefer to knit most items, but there are some soaker (for cloth diapers) and bootie patterns that I’ve only found in crochet and I absolutely LOVE them.

It’s all a matter of personal preference, and I truly believe that if you want to learn both, you can do it.

I know how to do both and it is great! Crochet is very versatile due to the many different types of stitches and quite a bit faster than knitting. But knitting makes prettier clothing.

I think that knowing how to do more of this type of needle art … expands your brain cells!