Knitting Two Socks at the Same Time, Inside Each Other


On another knitting forum I saw a post referring to this: It is how you knit two socks at the same time using a technique called double knitting (

I do not think this technique is for everyone, as we have different knitting styles. For me it would slow me down so I rather knit the socks separately one after the other. Still I am sure that this technique might be really usable for some visiting this forum. One advantage is that one does not need to do any row counting when producing the other sock, as it is made at the same time.


I read about this technique in War and Peace but didn’t understand what was going on until I was a more experienced knitter. Thanks for posting the links.


This is the second time I see this technique mentioned in a Russian context. I wonder if it was a popular thing in Russia? Are there still Russians using this technique?

If we have any Russians at this forum, what would you call double knitting?


I found one link more about this topic:


The book Principles of Knitting discusses the technique. If I remember correctly the author’s overall assessment was that it was a fun party trick but offered few technical advantages over doing socks more common ways.


I’ve heard people say they love this; I think it’s just one of those personal preference things, as you indicated. One plus that some people have mentioned is that it solves the problem of “second sock syndrome” (not having the motivation to start that second sock after having completed the first :wink: ).


This is on my “bucket list”, but I have too many projects going right now, and I want to get better at “regular” socks first. :slight_smile: